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Defending Pacer by TJ Hamilton - ARC Review




Chelsea Tanner’s career as a defence lawyer is rapidly climbing. Her strong ethics and sharp wit in the courtroom has paved her way into becoming an associate of Sydney’s top law firm. She hasn’t lost a single case in her short but successful career. Law is her life, living and breathing it leaves little time for anything more. When a member from the infamous Legano Family is up on a murder charge, Chelsea finds more.

Pacer Fratelli is dark, hard and completely consumed by his new defence lawyer. Chelsea and Pacer’s worlds couldn’t be further apart but he wants more … and what Pacer wants, Pacer gets.

When bad love feels so good, just how far would you go to defend it?


Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: July 2015.

TJ Hamilton has been on my tbr for over a year now, I have both ebook and paperback copies of her Thyme Trilogy sitting here, begging me to read them, and I just haven't gotten a chance, when Defending Pacer hit my kindle I was intrigued, the cover definitely has a dark edge to it, I'm generally not a huge lover of dark romance, I'm not ashamed to admit I went in a tad scared...

Pacer Fratelli is all kinds of bad arse anti hero, cold blooded killer no doubt about it, he's definitely not innocent, not by a long shot, growing up the son and nephew of Sydney's criminal underworld Pacer knows more than most about the illicit side of Sydney. He's fought and beaten more charges than even the police and prosecution would like to admit to, but when he's brought up on charges that look set to stick Pacer might finally be facing his come up pence.

Chelsea Tanner is worlds away from Pacer in everyway that seems to count, the daughter of an esteem supreme court judge, a successful defence lawyer in her own right, Chelsea has created a name for herself even with standing her father's illustrious career. Her family has always stood on the right and just side of the law, her career has definitely seen her straddling that line previously but when she meets her new client Pacer Fratelli things become blurred, lines get crossed.

While Defending Pacer started with a slightly darker feel, it was decidedly lighter than I anticipated, part erotic romance part suspense, the dynamic between Pacer and Chelsea is steamy from the outset, whether it was purely animalistic attraction or a recognition of something deeper lurking in their souls, there was a magnetism that intrigued me, making me want to know more, continue reading, sliding into the seedy underbelly of the city I call home.

There's so much at play here in Defending Pacer, Hamilton paints a picture of a modern day Romeo and Juliet in the truest sense of the word, two families at either end of the legal scale, Pacer and Chelsea couldn't be more different in so many ways, but it was the ways in which they were alike that grabbed at my heart. The ways that Chelsea challenged Pacer to think outside of himself and his family, and the way Pacer set Chelsea free of the burden of expectation, of being what she believed her family, her colleagues, the world around her expected of her, allowed her to be truly free was inspired.

I truly loved diving into Defending Pacer, my only pause that held me back from going straight to the five lipsticks was the overuse of a pet name, pet names for me are a tough call, I love and hate them in equal measure, I found myself getting weary of it at times throughout the story, almost blacking it out in my mind. I loved this dirty, dark and sinful man, with his penchant for leather gloves, his wicked tongue and filthy thoughts, balanced perfectly with Chelsea's street smarts and sass, she was strong and sure, she's wasn't afraid to go up against those bigger and scarier than her, and her sense of morality was always present despite being tested. Defending Pacer may have been my first by TJ Hamilton, it certainly won't be my last.

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About TJ Hamilton:

TJ is a former cop who uses her first-hand experience working the city streets of Sydney to now write sexy stories of mystery and intrigue. Her head has been buried in crime since studying criminology over a decade ago. TJ lives a quiet life in the tropics with her husband and kids. She writes a weekly column for her local newspaper, and relives the action packed life she once had through her stories.

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