Thursday, 21 July 2016

GPI takes on Paris June 2016

Over six months ago I booked flights to Europe for a once in a lifetime experience, attending a book signing on the other side of the globe, it felt like a dream on the precipice of coming true, travelling the world with one of my best friends, Carmen Jenner, sitting by her side at Four Brits Book Fest, experiencing Europe with wide eyes. As we discussed our travel itinerary, and our plans began to take shape, KM Golland said she'd join us for a whirlwind tour of Paris. Our plans were set, on the 5th June we would leave Australia to travel abroad.

What we wouldn't know at the time of booking is that Sydney would experience torrential rain that weekend, that we would eventually be facing cancelled flights and be ground in Sydney for an extra night. Kell would be spending her first night in Paris alone...(don't feel too bad for her, she had a comfy bed and room service) and we would still be in the air.

Fast forward to navigating Charles De Gaulle with heavy suitcases on weary legs, enduring the worlds longest cab ride, to arriving at our home away from home in Paris. From there we unpacked, freshened up and made our way into the streets of the most romantic city in the world. The sights, the smells, the architecture, the street vendors, the pastries... ahhh the giant hashtag monument doesn't lie...Paris We Love You.

From sightseeing famous monuments like Nostredam to the Arc De Triumph to the Moulin Rouge, to coffee in cafes on every street corner, to fresh pastries, √©clairs, and croissants oh my... to trips to Sephora (don't act know we'd go there...) and a quick browse through shoe shops to round out the day (yes the Queen of Heels Kell wouldn't let us walk past a store...) before circling back around on our double decker bus, and picking up the dinner of champions....vino, cheeses, sliced cold meats and crackers.

Day Two dawned seeing us exploring more sights, the Louvre, and arguable
one of the most famous pieces in the world, the Mona Lisa (yes it was a tad's small and behind glass, and apparently you're not supposed to take photos...oops) we wandered the museum and took in hundreds of years worth of priceless art before we made our way to yet another café for a lunch of pizza and wine (the whole Paris lifestyle definitely has its perks.) People watching might just be my new favorite past time, the Parisian lifestyle is certainly good to it's people, with some of the best looking law enforcement and army officials I've ever seen, if any author is ever after alpha hero inspiration I strongly urge you to take a trip overseas.

From sight seeing to shopping for shoes and make up, to cafes and bars, dinners to desserts, from the Moulin Rouge, to the Eiffel Tower, Paris was everything I imagined and more, the more we wandered the more I was awed by the architecture, the buildings, the people, the fashion, the shopping....the food...oh my the food. Exploring the city with Carmen and Kell ensured that every moment was filled with laughter, the days filled with hours walking, browsing, shameless selfie taking, from Sephora's on every street corner, to those pretty blue boxes from Tiffany & Co that I love so much, to Lefayette Galleries where we wandered for hours from Louboutin to Ferragamo to CosmoParis and Vuitton, to a tour of the Eiffel Tower and a final dinner on the Champs Elysees where snails were had and beer was drunk.

As our time in Paris drew to a close, we got closer to descending on Birmingham for the first #FourBritsBookFest.

Paris, you stole my heart, I promise I'll be back one day!

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