Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Singe (Guardian Protection #1) by Aly Martinez


She was my nightmare. Every time I closed my eyes, I watched her fall into that inferno. Over and over, I failed to save her.

I hadn’t been able to reach her, and the guilt only burned hotter over time. Four years later, I was the unreachable one.

Heroes aren’t always saints. Sometimes, we’re nothing more than jaded sinners driven by sleepless nights and hearts full of darkness.

And then I met her. She was a dreamer who managed to soothe my scars and heal my wounds.

But, as the flames closed in around us, I feared I wasn’t the right man to save her. That is until I realized she was the one woman I’d burn the world down to protect.

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Kristine's Review:
Reviewed: February 2017.

I discovered Aly Martinez with The Fall Up, I was utterly spellbound by her ability to draw in the reader, her talent absolutely captivated me, when news of Singe hit the interwebs I was intrigued, why every romance reader has a soft spot for strong alpha heroes, it was the somewhat eerie blurb that truly captured my attention.  

Four years ago Jude Levitt, was doing what he had always dreamt of and was working as a Cop, one night, long after he had finished his shift he received a phone call that would change his life, summoned to a disturbance, he found a home in flames, and an ethereal beauty who he knew he couldn't save, that night would alter more than just his life.

"My Butterfly was beautiful. Still a little broke. Still a little scared. But weren't we all."

Years after the fire that changed Jude's life, he finds himself the newest recruit for Guardian Protection, battling alpha males and their top dog mentality is nothing new, but finding his feet and proving himself is to be harder then he anticipated, when he meets Rhion Park, his world is set to shift once again.

"I shrank back, but he kept talking. In paragraphs. Horrible, heartbreaking paragraphs."

Martinez paints a picture so vivid that it plays through the mind like a movie reel, everything about her use of imagery sets the scene so effortlessly that you lose yourself in the world she creates. Her ability to weave magic that is both heartbreakingly raw and sweetly romantic ensured that Singe would stand out in my mind long after I turned the last page. Singe perfectly tells the story of two people recovering from a past that has shaped the way the inhabit the world, it has forced them to be more aware of their world, and in it's most extreme forced one to nurture the need to protect and for the other the need to hide behind closed doors, and yet in each they find something they both equally possessed but had forgotten they had, it was in those quiet moments when they were discovering each other that they found something that every romantic at heart desires, a reason to take that step forward, into someone else's light. Heartbreakingly beautiful, raw and real, this story is about second chances, letting go and moving on, and true to Martinez's talent, is one that will linger in my mind for a long time to come.

About Aly Martinez:

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Aly Martinez is a stay-at-home mom to four crazy kids under the age of five- including a set of twins. Currently living in South Carolina, she passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine at her side.

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