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Tempting Tanya by C.C. Wood - Cover Reveal

Title:Tempting Tanya (NSFW, #3)

Author: CC Wood

Release Date: March 20, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Jordan Hawke is the one temptation that Tanya

Blake can't resist.

Two years ago, the cynical attorney wasn't interested in

relationships. Tanya only wanted a fling with the sexy British lawyer. Then she

made the mistake of falling in love with him. She was shattered when he left

for a job in New York and decided she learned her lesson. Never again would she

allow herself to be vulnerable.

She moved on and built an impenetrable wall around her wounded heart.

When Jordan returns to Dallas to take a position at the law firm

where she works, he makes it clear that he wants to pick up where they left

off. Tanya refuses, determined to protect herself from more pain.

But Jordan won't give up so easily. In fact, he plans to use

whatever means necessary to draw Tanya back into his life and his bed. She's

not the only one who made a mistake two years ago and he will do whatever it

takes to make it right.


One by one, my friends arrived and I got busy serving wine and putting out the cheese tray I'd purchased earlier that day.

When Jordan joined us in the living room, my friends fell silent, everyone but Lucy staring at him. Quickly I introduced everyone.

"Jordan, these are my friends Yancy Stevens, Grier Carter, and Chelsea Archer. Girls, this is Jordan Hawke."

They came forward to shake his hand.

"Whatever you're cooking smells amazing," Yancy stated.

Grier was next. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You're really hot," Chelsea announced as she shook his hand.

This time I couldn't contain my eye roll. Jordan just laughed.

"Thank you, Chelsea."

I shot her a dark look as she walked back to her seat on the sofa.

"What?" she asked defensively.

"You know what you did," I answered.

She shrugged. "He is hot and he's probably looked in the mirror enough to know it."

"Stop saying he's hot!"

"Why? It's the truth."

Lucy interrupted our juvenile argument before it could get out of hand.

"Jordan, I'm putting together a series of portraits for my next show and I would love it if you would sit for me."

"See, even Lucy wants to paint him like one of her French girls," Chelsea pointed out

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