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GPI'S Perfect Match: Jennifer Ryder - Aidan and Eevie

Stand Alone/Series Title: Spark (Spark series #1)
Author: Jennifer Ryder

Welcome back to Glass Paper Ink’s PERFECT MATCH, we know we’re usually matching couples up here at GPI but we’ve decided to do things a little differently for Valentine’s Day, one of our lucky finalists will walk away with a grand prize of a ROMANTIC GETAWAY TO A DESTINATION OF THEIR CHOOSING TO THE VALUE OF $50,000.

Please welcome our first guests….Aidan and Eevie
Kristine: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Eevie: I definitely believe in butterflies at first sight, and didn’t Aidan dish them out. The first time we met, his Ute roared down my street with a dirt bike on the back. He nearly ran me over. When he’d got out of his car, running his fingers through his dark hair, piercing me with those blue eyes I nearly forgot my own name.

Aidan: I don’t know about love, but I definitely know all about ‘have to have them’ at first sight. Yes, I’m talking about Eevie.

Kristine: How do you know that Eevie was "the one"?

Aidan: The short answer - Eevie wasn’t like other girls I’d met. When I told her for the first time that I loved her, I knew I’d never be able to be without her.

Kristine: *swoons* Tell me about your first Valentines Day together?

Eevie: Aidan delivered the biggest bunch of roses to me at work, which was a surprise in itself because he was supposed to be caught up working on a building site all day. The Valentines Day card is what nailed it though. It read “Aquarians like it wet.” Best card ever *laughs*.

Kristine: *laughs*

Aidan: I dominated when it came to the flower part, and as soon as I got the chance, I delivered in the bedroom.

Kristine: What are your plans for this Valentines Day Aidan? Come on you can tell me, I'll keep it a secret.

Aidan: The twins are going to their grandmothers for the night *fist pump*, and I'm cooking up a feast for my beautiful pregnant wife and then I'll have her screaming out my name long into the night.

Kristine: *blushes* What about you Eevie?

Evie: Ha ha. I'll be screaming out my husband’s name and collapsing into an orgasm induced coma. Sounds magic, right?

Kristine: *gulps* Yep it sure does! What would be the ultimate Valentines Day present Aidan could give to you?

Eevie: Whilst I love the idea of all night long orgasms, realistically, an afternoon to drown myself in a good romance book, no kids around, a bucket of M&Ms and a cup of tea would be magic. If he throws in a foot massage that'd be the icing on the cake. Hmm, cake. *looks to Aidan*. Aidan, we need cake later.

Kristine: Aidan, what would you rather, a big flashy gift with a night out on the town or a quiet night at home with Eevie?

Aidan: Quiet night all the way. I want my baby girl all to myself. I’m too old for that scene anyway.

Eevie: *scoffs* You’re not even thirty, Aidan.

Aidan: Yeah, well sometimes my battered body feels it. Anyway, I don't need other men gawking at my missus.

Eevie: Have you seen me lately? I look like I swallowed a bowling ball. That's the only thing they'll be gawking at and watching me waddle like a freakin’ penguin.

Aidan: It's the tits, babe. The tits I'm worried about.

Kristine: So tell me Aidan, what's the most romantic thing you've ever done for Eevie?

Aidan: I thought our little surprise roll around in the hay on our wedding night was pretty spesh. *smirks*.

Eevie: I think his proposal was the best thing ever. But I’d happily revisit the barn, for old times’ sake.

Kristine: And what about you Eevie?

Eevie: Um, I think dressing up in the nurses uniform when he was injured was pretty hot.

Aidan: Damn straight it was. You still got that outfit, baby girl?

Eevie: *rubs hands over rounded belly* I wouldn't even be able to button it up, Aidan. *rolls eyes*.

Aidan: I don't understand the problem.

Kristine: Ok how well do you know your partner time, GPI's Fast Five:

Kristine: Okay Aidan you're up first?

1. Top or Bottom?

Aidan: I’ll take the bottom. Nothing sexier than a woman on top

2. Sexiest feature on Eevie?

Aidan: I have to choose? I’m going with curves. She might not be crazy about them at the moment, but I am.

3. Biggest turn off that Eevie does?

Aidan: Taking too long in the bathroom before bed when I’m primed and ready for action.

4. Three words to describe Eevie?

Kind, giving and smokin’ *winks*

5. First thing you thought when you saw Eevie for the first time?

She was flustered around me, so I deliberately invaded her space to see how she’d react. Kind of backfired on me because it left me wanting more, and she had a boyfriend.

Kristine: Awww...Your turn Eevie...

1. Top or Bottom?

Eevie: Top, except when my legs are too tired from chasing little boys all day, then I’m more than happy for Aidan to get up there.

2. Sexiest feature on Aidan?

Eevie: The eyes are what captivated me first; the rest of the package isn’t too shabby either. He has forearms to drool over, as well as everything else.

3. Biggest turn off that Aidan does?

Burping. He calls it a healthy appreciation for a meal, I call it disgusting. You’d think having grown up with three brothers I’d be used to it, but no.

4. Three words to describe Aidan?

Driven, thoughtful and sexy-as-anything

5. First thing you thought when you saw Aidan for the first time?

Eevie: For one, that he was a reckless driver and that with a blink of those baby blues he’d have women crumbling at his feet. Love ‘em and leave ‘em is what I thought. How wrong I was.

Kristine: If you were to win GPI's Perfect Match, what destination would you pick for your holiday? 

Aidan: I'd love to take the kids on a trek around Australia. Broome, Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef, and when they’re older, Disneyland.

Eevie: There’s no way I'm not going on those huge roller-costers, Aidan.

Aidan: Of course you are. You won’t be able to say no to Josh and Grady when they beg their mummy to ride with them *pouts like a child*

Eevie: Well, Kristine, I’d love a big family holiday, one day, but once this next bub comes along, and I’m ready to part with them for a weekend, I’d love a trip to the Hunter Valley for some good wine and food and some day spa time. At least going there I’m only a few hours away from the kids in case anything happens.

Aidan: The kids will practically be taking care of themselves, Eevie. Don’t know what you’re worried about *kisses Eevie on the cheek*

Eevie: I’m their mother, and it’s my job to worry. Especially when it comes to bikes *smirks*.

Aidan: Yeah, yeah. I know babe.

Jennifer Ryder is a bestselling author with five novels in the Spark Series published to date. She loves to write about boys on dirt bikes, detectives and strong females who aren’t afraid to fight for what they want.

Living on a rural property in New South Wales, Australia, she enjoys the best of city and country. Her loving husband is ever willing to provide inspiration, and her two young cherubs, and sheep that don't see fences as barriers, keep life more than interesting.

Jennifer placed third in the International Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award 2013.

Check out her work at
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