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GPI's Perfect Match: TJ Hamilton - Pacer and Chelsea

Stand Alone/Series Title: Defending Pacer
Author: TJ Hamilton

Welcome back to Glass Paper Ink’s PERFECT MATCH, we know we’re usually matching couples up here at GPI but we’ve decided to do things a little differently for Valentine’s Day, one of our lucky finalists will walk away with a grand prize of a ROMANTIC GETAWAY TO A DESTINATION OF THEIR CHOOSING TO THE VALUE OF $50,000.

Please welcome our next guests...Pacer & Chelsea Fratelli

Kristine: Thanks for hosting us today, I must say it's a little unusual to do this outside of the studio, let's get right into it, do you believe in love at first sight? 

PACER: I do now. Sometimes I question what made me lurk in the dark shadows, like a weirdo, but it had to be done. I loved watching Chelsea. Some call it stalking, but I prefer to call it love at first sight.

CHELSEA: If it means you do everything you can to keep someone you just met out of prison — even though you know it’s wrong — then hell yes, I’m a believer.

Kristine: How did you know that each other was "the one"?

PACER: She let me do freaky shit to her.

CHELSEA: God, I can just imagine what Pacer’s smart-ass comment was, to this question. Um, I can’t really put it down to one thing. It was a combination of things. But the gloves sealed the deal!

Kristine: Tell me about your first Valentines Day together?

PACER: We were on the boat we got after the Lady Maria and travelling towards Sri Lanka. I tried to time it so that we were coming through the Maldives around Valentines Day. I’ve never seen water like that, anywhere. It was something I’ll never forget. We snorkelled for days, and fucked like maniacs on the white deserted beaches.

CHELSEA: *Sigh* our first Valentines was so magical. We were cruising on the yacht around the Maldives. We spent days exploring all the reefs. I felt so alive, and free. Why can’t life be like that all the time? Nowadays, if I don’t have to change a nappy, I think it’s romantic!

Kristine: Wow! That sounds amazing, so what are your plans for this Valentines Day?? Come on you can tell me *winks* I'll keep it a secret *grins*

CHELSEA: This is our third Valentines Day together. It’s a bit low-key with the kids now. I might cook Pace something nice, and hopefully both kids stay asleep so that we get to have some ‘shhhh don’t wake the kids’ sex!

Kristine: ahhhh otherwise known as parent sex then *laughs*

PACER: Chelsea has no idea what I’ve got in store for her this year. I just don’t want us to become one of those couples who just become a bit stale after they have kids. Fuck that! My ma flies into town in the morning, and I’m taking Chels away for three days. We’re heading out on the boat — we haven’t been out on the water in ages. Ma will stay with the kids on our island. I know Chels will probably sleep for a day, fuck knows she needs it. But then I’m going to bang the fuck out of her for the next two days. I still can’t get enough of my wife.

Kristine: *blushes* What would be the ultimate Valentines Day present your spouse could give you?

CHELSEA: Sleep. And some of his sexy glove action. Then some more sleep.

PACER: The best present right now would be to see her in one of my shirts like she used to wear after I’d finished fucking her in every position!

Kristine: What would you rather, a big flashy gift with a night out on the town or a quiet night at home with each other?

PACER: Can I give her all of them? A new sports car to take her out on the town, then come home and send the sitter away so that we can have ‘a quiet night in’ *wink*

CHELSEA: Money’s never been an issue in my family, so flashy presents are just bullshit. I miss the nights out that Pacer and I used to have, dancing and drinking. So I’ll take a night out any day.

Kristine: So tell me what's the most romantic thing you've ever done for each other? 

CHELSEA: I kept him out of prison. Ha ha

Kristine: *glances at production assistant warily*

PACER: I don’t know what’s the most romantic thing. I just like blowing her mind with things so that I can see her gorgeous smile. It’s the most beautiful fucking thing I have ever seen. I’ll never stop trying to impress her.

Kristine: *sighs* Ok lets play a game we like to call, how well do you know your partner time, GPI's Fast Five:

Top or Bottom?

CHELSEA: Can I choose both?

Kristine: *laughs and nods*

Sexiest feature on each other?

PACER: Her sexy smile

CHELSEA: His massive arms

Biggest turn off that each other does?

CHELSEA: When he calls me honeybee. Drives me nuts.

Kristine: *laughs*

 PACER: When she tries to cook.

Three words to describe each other?

CHELSEA: Crazy, Sexy, Mine.

PACER: Out of my league. That’s four words, but I’m not about rules.

Kristine: *smiles*

First thing you thought when you saw the other for the first time?

 PACER: Fuck, me.

 CHELSEA: Fuck, me.

Kristine: *cackles* and lastly, if you were to win GPI's Perfect Match, what destination would you pick for your holiday?

CHELSEA: We’ve been to almost every corner of the earth, but I’d definitely go back to the Maldives.

PACER: I really loved the Maldives or Seychelles.

TJ is a former cop turned writer, published by Harlequin Mira. Using her first-hand experience from working in the belly of the beast at Sydney’s Redfern Command, TJ now writes sexy stories of mystery and intrigue.
Her head has been buried in crime since studying criminology at university over a decade ago, and she just can’t seem to shake her fascination with the macabre.
Life is gritty in TJ’s world, so sit back and expect the unexpected with one of her books.
Nowadays TJ re-lives the action packed life she may have once had through her strong fictional characters while living a quiet life in the tropics with her handsome husband and kids, where she writes a weekly column for her local newspaper.

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