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GPI's Perfect Match: Lauren K. McKellar - Tate Masters

Stand Alone/Series Title: Fame
Author: Lauren K. McKellar

 Welcome back to Glass Paper Ink’s PERFECT MATCH, we know we’re usually matching couples up here at GPI but we’ve decided to do things a little differently for Valentine’s Day, one of our lucky finalists will walk away with a grand prize of a ROMANTIC GETAWAY TO A DESTINATION OF THEIR CHOOSING TO THE VALUE OF $50,000.

Please welcome our next guest….Up-and-coming Hollywood golden boy Tate Masters speaks about his girlfriend, supermodel Mikaela.

Kristine: Hi Tate, thanks for joining me today, o you believe in love at first sight?
Tate: Look at my girl. C’mon, seriously, just look at her. Wouldn't you fall in love with that at first glance?
Kristine: *smiles* How did you know that Mikaela was "the one"?
Tate: Well, I guess a heap of things. My dad always used to say ‘when you know, you know’. Mikaela and I met on a lingerie shoot, and sparks seriously flew. We have a heap in common—our tastes are almost identical.

Kristine: Tell me about your first Valentines Day together?
Our first Valentine’s Day was spent chilling out at home by the pool. It might sound boring, but low-key relaxation is what we do best. I organized a chef from Fast Eight to come in, though, and he made Mikaela her favourite meal. She did not expect it at all, and the look on her face made it all worthwhile.

Kristine: Wow you know how to spoil your lady don't you! what are your plans for this Valentines Day?? Come on you can tell me *winks*  I'll keep it a secret...*grins*
Tate: This Valentine’s day, sadly, we’ll be working. I’m starting the shoot for Tropical Love, my first big-budget flick—thank God my leading lady is Mikaela! Seriously, though, my craft is so important to me, and Mikaela gets that. Hell, she’s the same—she’d do anything for her career. We both understand that it’s not this ‘easy life’ being in the public eye—you have to work hard to get to the top. And we’re doing it together.

Kristine: What would be the ultimate Valentines Day present Mikaela could give to you?
 Tate: S@#t, that’s a hard one! I really couldn't ask for more than hat she’s given me already, though. It’s going to sound so corny—please don't revoke my man card over this one, guys—but just herself. It’s more than enough. To me, it’s the world.

Kristine: Sounds like true love *sighs* What would you rather, a big flashy gift with a night out on the town or a quiet night at home with Mikaela?
Tate: Like I said, we like to chill at home—although the odd night out in front of the cameras is a bit of fun!

Kristine: So tell me what's the most romantic thing you've ever done for Mikaela?
Tate: Damn, I guess you’d have to ask her. I know she was pretty impressed that time I drove up the coast to San Fran to get her dad and bring him back home to Hollywood so she could see him on his birthday (she couldn't make the trip as she was in between shoots, and sadly, his health isn’t in a good way—the poor man can’t fly). The look on her face when she saw her daddy was priceless. Although I have to admit, at first I worried they were angry tears. 

Kristine: Ok lets play a game we like to call 0 how well do you know your partner time, GPI's Fast Five:

Top or Bottom?
Both. Most likely in the same session.
Kristine: *cheeks flushed*

Sexiest feature on Mikaela?
Her eyes. Although seriously, she’s an ex-Angel. If I didn't mention her boobs, I’d be a liar.

Kristine: *laughs*

Biggest turn off that Mikaela does?
Nothing. She’s the greatest. Oh, hell, I guess when pressed I’d say … she leaves the empty milk bottle in the fridge. Gets me every time.

Three words to describe Mikaela?
Funny, sexy, loyal.

First thing you thought when you saw Mikaela for the first time?
Whoa. I’d love to get her out of that lingerie …
Kristine: *blushes* and lastly if you were to win GPI's Perfect Match, what destination would you pick for your holiday?
Tate: Probably somewhere in Europe. It’s a place I’ve never been, and it’s definitely on my bucket list. Maybe some day …
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Lauren K. McKellar is the writer of contemporary romance reads that make you feel. With a passion for all things fiction, she is a hybrid-published best-selling Australian author of young and new adult books.
In addition to her fiction work, Lauren edits manuscripts for both publishing houses and a host of successful independent authors, working on both structural and line elements. She loves working collaboratively to achieve a common end goal.
Lauren lives by the beach in Australia with her husband and their two dogs. Most of the time, all three of them are well behaved.
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