Tuesday, 2 January 2018

GPI's BEST OF 2017

2017 started with a bang and continued to introduce me to new favourite reads, lots of angst, love and laughter filled my pages, four titles joined my all time must read list and twelve more rounded out my best of 2017.


Let's get right to it, in no particular order:

The below titles earned themselves a PLATINUM LIPSTICK effectively securing their place on my very most favourite, absolute must read list. 

2017 cemented my love of some incredible authors, not surprisingly all of my MUST READ titles were not new to me authors, but what was a revelation were the three authors who marked their place more than once with GOLD reviews, and two of those that also earned themselves a PLATINUM review. 2017 was a much slower year for me reading wise, I slowed down to smell the roses so to speak, I read the books I felt like reading when I felt like reading them, family health crisis's zapped my mojo, and I found myself revisiting old favourites and relearning my love of reading. These titles reminded me of the sheer joy a good book can bring, they gave me much needed respite during difficult times and made me smile when I wasn't sure I remembered how.