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“Kristine is a fabulous beta reader. Not only is she incredibly impressive with her timeliness, she has a knack for picking up areas in the plot that need work or expanding upon, as well as being great with character perception,  too. With a professional and friendly manner, she truly is the provider of an invaluable service. I never want to write a book without Kristine again.”

Lauren McKellar – Editor and Author of Crazy in Love Series.


“I have been blessed to have Kristine from Glass Paper Ink as my beta reader from the beginning of my writing journey. Kristine has an excellent eye for detail, and has a way of getting not only inside my head, but each of my characters, which in turn has led to positive changes to my work. From her extensive and eloquent book reviews, to the impressive amount of books she reads, I wouldn’t publish without her advice. I highly recommend Kristine to anyone looking for a beta-reader, and promise it will be a rewarding experience.”

Jennifer Ryder –iBooks and Amazon Best Selling Author of Spark Series.


“As a beta reader, Kristine is always timely and concise with her comments, providing valuable feedback via a discussion of overall plot and the direction my stories should take. There have been many moments when her suggestions have been the ‘aha’ moment I needed to push my story to the next level. I would definitely recommend her services to authors who require a keen and experienced eye to look over their manuscript.”

Lilliana Anderson – Internationally Bestselling Author of New Adult Romance (Beautiful, Entwined, Drawn and Fire & Lies Series.)


“Kristine from Glass Paper Ink Bookblog reads deeper into books than anyone I know. While other readers see black and white, and sometimes grey, Kristine Barakat sees colours that aren't even on our spectrum. I hope she will continue to read for me, because I can’t imagine releasing a book without having had her honest and very valued opinion on it first.”

Carmen Jenner USA Today and International Best Selling Author of Sugartown & Savage Saints MC series.

"Kristine's value as a beta reader is immeasurable. Her feedback is constructive and concise, and her advice is always well thought out. The back and forth brainstorming she is willing to do has pushed me to think outside of the box and has become an invaluable asset I couldn't publish without."

Stephanie Smith Author of Try Again Series

"Kristine's dedication and enthusiasm to beta reading ensures that authors produce the best possible product. Her positivity is infectious. It's always a fun ride working with Kristine. Highly recommend her."

Rachel Brookes Author of the Breathe & Crawford Brothers series. 

 "Having Kristine as one of my beta readers was invaluable.
Her eye for detail was second to none and her feedback was always constructive. The speed at which she was able to read and return my manuscript was helpful beyond words. Kristine often brainstormed ideas and scenarios with me and helped me to look at my work from a new perspective. She was easy to work with and is a priceless asset to me in my self-publishing business."
 Emma Fitzgerald Author of Ocean Dreams series.

Require a Beta Reader?

I currently beta for several Australian and International authors, offering a mix of detailed written observations and one on one discussions when required to discuss thoughts, feelings and overall plot and storyline feedback. My preferred genres include New Adult, Young Adult, Adult Contemporary, Erotica and Non Fiction. Please contact me via email if you are interested in discussing my beta services. Accepting new clients is subject to my current beta schedule and your time frame.

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