Review Policy

All reviews are solely the opinion of myself, they are subjective, while I hope to connect with each book I read, sadly that is not always the case. I endeavour to be honest, and discuss my  thoughts and feelings as to why I either loved or couldn't connect with a book.

 I do accept review requests from authors, publishers, and publicists subject to the author's work being compatible with my preferred genres, and dependent on time constraints and my current review schedule. These aforementioned genres include New Adult, Young Adult, Romance, Adult Contemporary, Erotica, Non Fiction.

I currently accept e-galleys through NetGalley, and e-books compatible with Kindle. If you are interested in me reviewing you work please contact me via email as listed above to discuss. All reviews will be shared via this blog, Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter as a minimum.

Lastly, this blog is operated solely by myself, as a hobby, and in addition to a full time job, unless contracted through a blog tour, or in accordance with publishing release dates, time frames for reviews may vary.

Yeah I rate in lipstick! Doesn't everyone???

5 - Loved everything about this book, characters, plot - I want to run away with it and have little book babies.

4 - Great book, will read again, loved the style and story line, would continue if it's a series.

3 - Enjoyed the book, would read more by the author, but had difficulty connecting with the story at some point.

2 - Struggled to connect or be invested in story or with characters, finished but wouldn't revisit series. 

1 - DNF (Did not finish).

For my absolute favourite reads of the year, the coveted GOLD LIPSTICK!

The Holy Grail of GPI ratings reserved for books that pushed me outside of my comfort zone, changed the way I view the world, and will stay with me forever... The PLATINUM LIPSTICK!

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