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Bastard by JL Perry - ARC Review

Released: 14th September 2015.


My name is Carter Reynolds. I was born a bastard and I’ll die a bastard. I learnt it at a young age, and nothing and nobody can change that. I’m on a one-way path of destruction, and god help anyone who gets in my way. I hate my life. Actually, I hate pretty much everything.

That’s until I meet the kid next door. Indi-freakin’-ana. My dislike for her is instant. From the moment I lay eyes on her, she ignites something within me. She makes me feel things I thought I was incapable of feeling. I don’t like it, not one bit. When she looks at me with her big, beautiful, haunting, green eyes, it’s like she can see into the depths of my soul. It freaks me the hell out. She’s like sunshine and rainbows in my world of gloom and doom. I hate sunshine and rainbows.


I’m Indiana Montgomery, my friends call me Indi. Despite losing my mum at the age of six, I have a wonderful life and great friends. My dad more than makes up for the fact that I only have one parent. I’m his little girl, the centre of his world. I adore him.

When Carter Reynolds moves in next door, my life takes a turn for the worse. He’s gorgeous—sinfully hot, but that’s where my compliments end. He seems hell bent on making my life miserable. He acts tough, but when I look into his eyes I don’t see it. I see hurt and pain. To me, he seems lost.

I should hate him for the way he treats me, but surprisingly I don’t. If anything, I feel sorry for him. I want to help him find peace. Help him find the light that I know is buried somewhere within his darkness, but, he won’t have a bar of it.

He’s warned me time and time again to stay away, but I can’t. I’m drawn to him for some reason. He’s always referring to himself as a bastard. That may be true, but to me, he’s more like a beautifully, misunderstood bastard. Whether he likes it or not, I refuse to give up on him.

***WARNING This book is recommended for persons over the age of 18 years, due to sexual content and coarse language.

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Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: August 2015.
I was unfamiliar with JL Perry's work prior to her asking me to beta read Bastard, being a standalone I was eager to dive in. Carter Reynolds learnt early on he was a "bastard" never knowing his father and being shunned by his mother's family, he had poor examples for the way a man should behave, while his mother loved and doted on him, Carter found himself having to grow up far too fast, taking on the some of the financial burden of providing for their home forced him into situations that would impact his life in ways he couldn't possibly comprehend. Where Carter was once a sweet and loving boy, he'd grown into a arrogant young adult, he's rude and stand offish, closed off and argumentative, he struggles to accept kindness from strangers and expects nothing but contempt from those around him, he's never known kindness from anyone other than his mother and when confronted with it is unsure how to act.
Indiana Montgomery has had an almost perfect life, even with losing her mother at a young age, she's had the perfect loving family home, her father is her hero, and she's never gone a day without knowing that she's loved and wanted, she's loving and caring, young and full of life, she's known great pain and loss and yet she hasn't allowed that to break her spirit or turn her bitter to all the joy life can bring. Carter and Indiana have both been forced to grow up quickly but that is where the similarities end, where Carter is determined to see nothing but bleakness, anger and pain, Indiana see's the good and the hope in the people around her, when the two start to just be, away from the forced bravado and scowls, and nasty baited words, these two find a connection deeper than either expected.
Bastard's prologue quickly intrigued me, Carter's voice always ringing true, first as a child and then later as a young adult, his voice was always clearly reflective of his age as Bastard progressed, it never felt stilted or forced. Carter  was at times everything the title implied, and while I understood where his aggression came from there were times it felt unjustified, there were moments where I struggled to reconcile the man I knew he could be with the prattish behaviour and mean slurs he was throwing out, there were times that I wanted to crawl inside the pages and slap him around, I wanted to tell him to grow up and stop acting like a petulant child, but there is lies talent in an author, to bring about that kind of visceral reaction to their characters means they grabbed you, it means you're invested enough to want to effect change in their characters lives.
Bastard is an addictive read, I found myself quickly invested and desperate to know more, as much as I wanted to punch Carter in the face at times early on in the story, Indiana endeared herself to me almost immediately, she was the shining light in this story for me, despite her innocence and wide eyed optimism early on, she never seemed naïve, Indiana had a wisdom beyond her years, she had a beautiful fragility to her, while displaying an inherent strength, that was mesmerising, while the title suggests that Carter was the hero, Indiana stood out for me, it was her belief in Carter that made me want to believe in him and his ability to become the kind of man she could be proud of, I think it was that belief that enabled him to become the kind of man she knew he could be. Bastard was a funny, sexy, angst filled coming if age tale about a man struggling to find his place in the world, and the girl who was both his biggest adversary, and cheerleader, it was addictive from the very first page until the very last line.

About JL Perry:

J L Perry is a mother and a wife. She was born in Sydney, Australia in 1972, and has lived there her whole life. Her love of reading, from a young age, gave her the passion to write. My Destiny was originally written for her sister, in 2013. It was never intended to be published. However, after finishing this book, she felt there was still a lot of Brooke and Logan's story left to tell. This inspired her to write My Forever. With the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided to follow her dream and become a published Author.

That dream was realised on the 6th of June, 2014.

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Unconditional Anthology

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Life isn't easy. Love is harder. Love cuts, love burns and sometimes love breaks.

But living a half-life, living with regrets, that’s no life at all.
People say we’re broken, not like other people. Maybe that’s true—ability, disability—what’s in a word? So whatever the world throws at us, we won’t stop, we won’t crumble. When we love, we love hard.
Love without limits.
Unconditional is an Anthology from authors Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Jane Harvey-Berrick, Sarina Bowen, Mary Elizabeth, D.Hart, Amber L. Johnson, CJ Lyons, Lauren K. McKellar, Shay Savage, and Magan Vernon.

He stole her lipstick…and her heart.

Twenty-year-old Dani Walker can’t believe her luck when she’s paired up with the gorgeous Liam Garrett as her Acting I scene partner – or when he ends up in her bed. Being a Plain Jane with a mouth on her hasn’t exactly served Dani well in the guy department. In fact, she’s had nothing but one night stands.
Ten years after their first affair, Sebastian and Caroline meet again. Now a successful journalist, Caroline heads out to report from the front lines of the war in Afghanistan. Love is the last thing on her mind when she crosses paths with Marine Chief Sebastian Hunter.

Will this chance encounter reignite the erotic passion of their past, or will the hidden cost of war tear them apart again?
Until his accident, bad boy Hank “Hazardous” Lazarus had everything: a gorgeous girlfriend, a career as a freestyle snowboarder and a spot on the US Olympic team. Could he possibly meet the love of his life in the last place he ever wanted to go--the hospital?
Some days are brighter than others, but Penelope Finnel is invisible behind the colored lenses of her heart-shaped sunglasses. Dillon Decker hopes he is the cure to her madness. But when friend turns to lover, and lover turns to caretaker, how much can either of them tolerate before they’re swallowed whole? 
Fate took away Baylor's past, giving her a second chance at life, but when faced with a choice to move forward, leave it buried, or follow her heart, she struggled with her basic need to survive and be loved. When she met Brandt, he gave her a reason to rebuild a life full of forgotten treasures.
When it comes to love there’s no such thing as conventional.
Everyone thinks Colton Neely is special.Lilly Evans just thinks he’s fascinating.
Their friendship grows into love, even as Colton does not express it in words. But one decision threatens to break down the world that Lilly has tried so hard to integrate into and she must figure out if the relationship can survive if they are apart.
A West Virginia mountain, the middle of a blizzard, killers on his trail…no place for a city boy like Lucky Cavanaugh, an ATF explosives specialist.

Out-manned, out-gunned and shot, he takes Forest Service Wildlife Biologist Vinnie Ryan hostage until he convinces her that he’s one of the good guys.

Vinnie heals not only his injuries but also his broken heart. But when they uncover a terrorist plot, Lucky is forced to choose between duty and passion, risking the life of the woman he loves in order to save the lives of thousands.
When eighteen-year-old Kate’s father turns up drunk to graduation, she knows something is wrong—really wrong. What she doesn’t expect is a hereditary disease that will turn her life around.
The Problem With Crazy is a story about love and life—about overcoming obstacles, choosing to trust, and learning how to make the choices that will change your life forever.
Isolated on a raft after their ship capsizes, an alcoholic death-match fighter and a young woman have to face the elements as well as their entwined pasts. Bastian can survive in the harshest environments, but can he survive Raine?
Honor student, manager at the campus coffee shop, owner of an impressive sweater collection – Melanie Wilder has it all together. Then John “John Boy” Walden strolls into her life wearing nothing more than an impish grin and all-too-revealing loin cloth.

Soon, make-out sessions replace homework, lust triumphs over work. And to further crumble her perfect world, an unexpected phone call threatens to take away everything she’s worked for.

Crushing Misery by Kinsey Taylor - Release Blitz

Have you ever lost the will to fight?
Kennedy Anderson has continually struggled with the crummy hand life has dealt her. A failed, abusive marriage has left her worn, yet relieved that the past is finally locked away. Unfortunately, the past has a way of repeating itself. Once again faced with tragedy and despair, Kennedy’s anguish is multiplied by the fact that she doesn’t suffer alone; she now has a two-year-old daughter, Ashlynn.
Love has only served to complicate Corbin Nash’s life. 
He’s focused, hardworking, and dedicated to regaining his middleweight title until the unlikely duo of Kennedy and Ashlynn enter his life. While trying to help her fight her demons, Corbin finds his own resurfacing, steadily revealing the secrets he’s worked so hard to keep buried the last eighteen years.
Two beaten and battered souls, desperate to break free of the misery...
Will they cower to their plagued pasts, or will they fight through the despair and finally find the happiness that has evaded them their entire lives?

My stomach flips and turns making it ache. I can generally control my anxiety, keeping it to a minimum. Seeing Corbin again has brought back so many misplaced feelings, like I time traveled back in time to my high school days. I know it’s not Corbin’s fault, dredging up these feelings of guilt for still harboring so many emotions for him. He’s sexier than I could have ever imagined and still holds so many pieces of my heart. He’s in my brain and under my skin, and I haven’t even spoken a word to him.
Ok, Kennedy get it together girl, it’s not high school all over again.
I pull out of the parking space. Just as I round the corner, I glance in my review mirror. Corbin runs out of the building, looking both ways up and down the street as I drive away.

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Author Bio:

Author Kinsey Taylor lives in the beautiful state of Washington. You'll find her running after her three crazy minions, two food-loving dogs, and a moody cat who believes he's the King of their castle.  Her inspiration for her books comes from deep in her heart, inspired by her soul mate and husbands adoring support. The everlasting romantic, Kinsey's writing is sure to give twists, turns, and plenty of drama that will leave you breathless.
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The End Game by Kate McCarthy - ARC Review


“Professional athletes are pillars of their respective communities. They are heroes in the eyes of boys and girls and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that positively represents their community.”

The public loves a good scandal. Seeing someone fall from the pinnacle of success makes a great headline. No one knows that better than I do. What started out as a promising career in college football, spiraled into scandal and shame.

But being a hero is easier said then done. Especially when there are those who expected to see the great Brody Madden fail. I craved nothing except being the best—willing to do anything to prove them wrong. But I went too far, and I tried too hard, and it broke me.

“At the time of going to print, Jordan Elliott was unavailable for comment.”

I met Brody Madden in my senior year of college. An Australian native on an international scholarship, I was the female soccer sensation with stars in her eyes and no room for a hotshot wide receiver with a chip on his shoulder.

But a heart bursting with ambition and a driving fire to succeed isn’t made of stone. I became his strength, his obsession, and the greatest love of his life. Only I wasn’t there when he needed me most.

This is a story about love and a game that takes everything. Where the path to glory is paved with sacrifice. Where pressure makes you, or breaks you, and triumph is born in the ashes of failure. Where two people’s end game will change everything.


Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: August 2015.

I was a Kate McCarthy virgin prior to The End Game, I've had Fighting Redemption sitting on my kindle for a year now and I'm not entirely sure why I still haven't read it yet, that's the life of a book addict right, you #1click and it gets added to your never ending TBR... but now after finishing The End Game the back catalogue of Ms McCarthy's has definitely moved up my list.

On paper our hero and heroine couldn't be more different, their similarities seem to start and end with them both being at the top of their respective games, both Brody Madden and Jordan Elliot are young rising stars on the sporting field, Brody is the star wide receiver of his college NFL team, he has agents and talent scouts chasing him, with offers to go pro coming at him from all sides, he's strong and focused, he's no doubt the sexy footballer guys look up to and girls want to be with, but he's a contradiction because there's so much more to him than just the football star.

Jordan Elliot is singularly focused on her studies and her burgeoning soccer career, she's been followed from a young age as the next big thing for women's soccer and she won't let anything or anyone come in between her and her dream, especially not a guy who's just as focused on his own career, playing at a professional level means sacrifice, it's certainly lonely at the top and neither Brody nor Jordan can afford to lose sight of what they want.

Despite this story being about elite sport stars and college and everything that comes with young love and lust, McCarthy manages to steer clear of the teen clichés, The End Game is clearly rooted in the NA genre, there's a raw beauty to her words, on the surface both Brody and Jordan have it all but what the world doesn't see is the scars the past has left on them, Brody has been given financial security from his family but not a loving, supportive home life, he's railing against the pain of growing up disconnected and unwanted, his learning disabilities have never been acknowledged and have left him feeling less than, hiding behind the on field and party persona he has so carefully created, he's never allowed anyone to see him clearly, never let anyone in, until Jordan forces him to try harder, to be better, to want more. While Brody was certainly the alpha in this story, Jordan was the hero for me, she's not just sexy because of her athletic frame, but she exudes this wild and free spirit wrapped up in doing her duty to honour those who mean the most to her, to be the best, she has this temerity that is both endearing and awe inspiring, because this woman is so much more than just her on field persona, so much more than she gives herself credit for, and yet at the heart of it, she's just a young woman finding her way in a foreign country, while navigating college crushes, lust and young love.

"But being up here is hard, and it's lonely. And if you fall, it's a long way down and no one's waiting at the bottom to catch you."

McCarthy takes us into the world of competitive sports, college and the sacrifices one makes to pursue their dreams, The End Game allows us to see behind the velvet curtain, to the pressures athletes face and all the work that goes into being number one, it's raw and at times tough to read, and there were moments that truly stole my breath, as Brody and Jordan chipped away at my heart and embedded themselves in my soul. The End Game has this saga like quality, it's a story that still plays through my mind like a movie reel of favourite quotes and loved scenes, of words and looks shared, of moments in time frozen in my memory, it's a story I'm not soon to forget.

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Shutting the door, I walk up the slight incline behind Brody. He sits down at the top of the crest and pats the grassy spot beside him.
“You didn’t mention this part when you explained our date.”
“I can’t give away all my secrets now, can I?”
The grass is a thick blanket on the ground and when I stretch out flat, the rich, earthy scent of soil sweeps over me. My eyes lift to the sky and that’s when I get it. It’s perfectly clear and millions of stars are scattered diamonds twinkling above us—bright and magical.
“Besides,” Brody adds as he lies down beside me and sweeps out his arm, encompassing all of it. “How do you explain that?”
He’s right. You can’t. “It’s beautiful.”
“Is this what the stars are like for you back home?”
“No. Back home it’s different.”
“Different how?”
Homesickness swamps me. As beautiful as Texas is, it’s not Australia. Somehow the stars are always brighter where you belong. “Because there’s no place like home.”
“You’re wrong.”
I turn my head and stare at Brody. He’s not looking at me. His head is tilted toward the sky, eyes riveted on the beauty above him. My gaze follows the line of his profile. From the curl of his hair to the perfect line of his nose, down to the mouth I want kissing me right this very instant.
“Home’s not a place where you live. It’s a feeling.” His hand nudges my own. An invitation. I twine my fingers with his and he squeezes them lightly. “Whether it’s where you are, like the football field, or who you’re with.” Brody turns his head, looking at me when he says that. It’s comforting because it unites us somehow, like it’s slowly becoming us against the world. “You can be anywhere, Jordan. Home will follow you if you follow your heart.”
My breath hitches from the beautiful simplicity of his words. Before I can talk myself out of it, I roll over and straddle him. My knees hug his hips, and he stares up at me from my seated position. My pulse pounds a heavy beat in the silence. Thump, thump, thump. It’s so loud in my ears I’m sure he can hear it.
“Show me,” I breathe. A gleam lights his dark eyes, and he sucks his lower lip inside his mouth. He knows what I’m asking, but I spell it out anyway. “Show me one of those wicked things.”
In a move that steals the air from my lungs, he takes both my hands and pulls me down against the broad width of his chest. I’m rolled over and underneath him before I can blink. The squirm in my hips is instinctive, the ache between my thighs relentless.
“Careful what you ask for,” Brody says roughly, every exquisite inch of his body pressing down on mine.
His lips curve. “Because when I give it to you, it won’t be enough.”
My fingers trail down the side of his face, grazing the firm jaw, cupping his cheek in my palm. Foreboding swamps me. I’m falling hard into uncharted territory, and all I see is a broken mess at the end. How is this going to end well for either of us?
“You’re an arrogant man, Brody Madden,” I whisper.
He brings his face to mine, so close I see the brilliant gold in his eyes, like flecks of light in the dark. “And you, Jordan Elliott, will be the woman who brings me to my knees,” he whispers against my lips.
“Show me,” I beg on a shaky breath.
Brody’s lashes lower and he presses a kiss to the corner of my mouth. I tilt my chin upwards, inviting more. Rather than take my lips like I ache for him to do, he shifts sideways and begins nipping at my jaw. His breath is a rasp when he reaches my earlobe, taking it between his teeth. A sharp pinch from his bite forces a whimper from my throat.
“More?” he asks, drawing back to look at me.
“Is that even a real question?”
Brody chuckles as I slide my hand up and around his nape, dragging his mouth down to mine. He groans and kisses me gently, once, and then twice.
“Brody,” I whisper, and he kisses me again, forcing my mouth open hard like he can’t hold himself in check anymore. My hair is loose and he fists chunks of it in both hands while his tongue rubs against mine, hot and aggressive. It’s almost too much, and when I jerk away I’m left gasping.
Brody doesn’t pause. He ducks his head to my neck, his tongue tasting its way down. He finds my pulse point and sucks. It’s fierce and my back arches involuntarily. His mouth shifts further down, moving on before he leaves a mark.
Sitting up, he takes the neckline of my dress in both hands. Five dainty buttons hold it together. A single wrench will rip the flimsy fabric in two. He pauses and looks at me, inhaling raggedly. “Jordan … I don’t want to ruin it.”
My brow furrows. I glance to the hands poised on my dress. They’re tense, veins straining under his skin. My head is lost in a fog when my gaze returns to his face. “Ruin my dress?”
Brody groans, a deep sound of regret and frustration. “Us.”
“You don’t want to ruin us?”
He draws his hands away from the neckline of my dress. “No.”
“How would you do that?”
“I don’t know. I just get this feeling I’m going to.” He shifts away, moving off me and rolling to his back. I turn my head. Brody’s gaze is back on the stars. I watch his throat work as he swallows, the pulse in his neck pounding visibly. “All I’ve ever wanted is to be the best. Whatever it takes. I’ll do anything. That’s how I’ll ruin us, Jordan. How can something so sweet survive a sentiment so dark?”
I roll to my side, holding my head in my hand. Cupping his face with the other, I nudge gently until he’s looking at me. “I won’t let you.”
Brody’s voice is urgent, his eyes fierce. “Promise me.”

About Kate McCarthy:

Kate McCarthy grew up in a small town outside of Port Macquarie, Australia. Raised in a house just a short walk to the beach, Kate enjoyed the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere and friendships that come from being raised in a friendly, small town area.
She now resides in Brisbane, Australia, a city in the state of Queensland where she works as an accountant, along with a sideline wedding cake business and her writing.
She is married with two children, has two dogs and house in the suburbs, and a pile of friends and family dotted all over the country that help keep her sane.
When she’s not busy running after naughty kids, filthy dogs, crunching numbers, piping buttercream and writing books, you can find her curled up in bed in the early hours of the morning reading new books and re-reading old favourites. Her favourite books are the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward in which she longs to eventually join the brotherhood and change her name to Phierce Mutha.


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I See...Love (A Different Road #1) by Annalisa Nicole


River Mason has never led an easy life. Losing his parents forced him to become a man and step into a role that was never intended for a ten-year-old boy. But his parents weren’t the only thing he lost. He is bitter and angry at the world and everyone in it. He’s determined to never allow his heart to feel anything because that would be weakness and weakness is never allowed. If he doesn’t allow feelings into his heart,... then there are zero chances he will ever be hurt again. His number one rule is to never let anyone in.

Joss Meyer is perfectly happy with her life. She and her best friend, Nina, have been by each other’s side since the fifth grade. They’ve opened their own personal chef business together and life couldn’t be better for them. She isn’t looking for a man. It isn’t something that’s ever been missing in her life. She’s focused on her career and enjoying a carefree life.

When Joss meets River her world is turned upside down. She finds herself willing to be with a man who promises to hurt her in the end.

Is it better to end up hurt, than to never have loved in the first place?

When you are born, you’re born a blank canvas. Over time, sadness and heartbreak leave deep scars. Loss and sorrow carve deep chasms into that canvas. Love is like paint, it colors your heart and fills in every scar, every wound that life has left behind.

The decision is black and white, but how you feel isn’t. Can one truly see…love?


Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: August 2015.

I have been following Annalisa Nicole since she released her debut novel, with each story in the series I've watched her grow as a writer, I've watched as she has continued to deliver characters that effortlessly draw you in, a family you want to know, and I See...Love was no different, our hero River Mason is young and wildly successful, his life appears to be one of wealth and excess but beneath the flashy house and opulent home is a man who is governed by bitterness and hurt, the author takes us the reader on a journey where she aims a spotlight on the nature vs. nurture debate, was River always the same distant, abrasive man he is now or is he a product of his past, armed with only Josh as a confidante, friend and personal assistant River is used to being on his own, but meeting Joss is going turn his world upside down.

Joss Meyer is young and successful, but that's where the similarities between her and River end, Joss has the perfect life, she's co-owner of a thriving business with her childhood best friend Nina, operating as a personal chef for a number of wealthy and elite clients, their business is going from strength to strength and Joss has everything she ever dreamt off, unconcerned with finding love or a man to share her life, she is content with building her brand and focusing on her career.

River is rude and arrogant on the surface, he is cold and distant, he often challenged me as the reader to see past the brash exterior to see deeper into him, to see the man he is hiding and trying to protect from the world, but the more I read and the more Nicole drew me into River's world and the more I could see him railing against his past and what he's come to believe as the truth, but what I found especially endearing was Joss's light, her ability to see the beauty in the world around her, even when she was scared, even when she felt like she might crumble, even when she was challenged and even when she wanted to break, there was an undeniable strength to Joss, a temerity that held my attention, one that both endeared her to me and intrigued me, there's so much here in I See...Love, Josh and Nina captured my heart and I hope to see more of them in the coming books in this series. The first book in the A Different Road series has definitely piqued my interest for more, if you're after something sweet, thoughtful and sexy, I See...Love is definitely the book for you.

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About Annalisa Nicole:

I am an “Indie” contemporary romance author. I live in California with my husband and two teenage boys. I love being a stay at home mom. My husband and I enjoy wine tasting and camping with our kids with our four wheelers in the middle of nowhere, where you can find me with my pink Ryder BB gun! We have a handful of pets, a dog named Lucy (who is in my books) and a guinea pig named Flufy (my son spelled her name that way) and a cat who adopted us many years ago and has never left. She is a spoiled outdoor cat with her own two story house and a heated bed.

I never liked reading as a kid. I only started reading romance novels in the past few years. My Kindle and I are inseparable now. A thought occurred to me in December of 2012 that maybe I could write a romance novel. So I went to work with the encouragement of my husband and my sister-in-law. It didn’t take long to figure out that I really enjoyed writing.

Today I am a self published author and it has been an amazing journey.


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Something Beautiful by Jamie Maguire

Title: Something Beautiful 

Author: Jamie McGuire

Release date: August 18, 2015

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America Mason, a sassy undergrad at Eastern State University, is in love with a Maddox--Shepley Maddox. Unlike his cousins, Shepley is more lover than fighter, but a road trip to her parents' home in Wichita, Kansas could mean the next step, or the end of everything

About Jamie Maguire


Jamie McGuire was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended Northern Oklahoma College, the University of Central Oklahoma, and Autry Technology Center where she graduated with a degree in Radiography. 


Jamie paved the way for the New Adult genre with the international bestseller Beautiful Disaster. Her follow-up novel, Walking Disaster, debuted at #1 on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Beautiful Oblivion, book one of the Maddox Brothers series, also topped the New York Times bestseller list, debuting at #1. Beautiful Redemption and Beautiful Sacrifice, books two and three of the Maddox Brothers series, respectively, have also made appearances on the New York Times bestseller list. 


Novels also written by Jamie McGuire include: Red Hill, an apocalyptic thriller; the Providence series, a young adult paranormal romance trilogy; Apolonia, a dark sci-fi romance; and several novellas, including A Beautiful Wedding, Among Monsters: A Red Hill Novella, and Happenstance: A Novella Series. 


Jamie lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with her husband, Jeff, their three children, three dogs, three horses, and a cat named Rooster. When Jamie is not writing, you can find her hiking, running, or looking for a sweater.


Find Jamie at or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!






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Discovering Stella by KM Golland - ARC Review


~Only those who are lost can be found~

Stella Walker is fleeing from a past which haunts her on a daily basis, and from a city full of painful reminders of a life that’s no longer hers. In an attempt to escape her memories, she plans to reinvent herself in the sanctuary of a tiny town in rural Victoria, by tracking down the one person she hopes can help, her stepbrother. What Stella doesn’t anticipate is meeting his best friend Lawson Drake, a hotter-than-hot mechanic, the local knight in shining armour – and the most gorgeously infuriating man Stella has ever seen.
When Lawson comes across a broken-down car by the side of the road, he is intrigued by its owner — a caramel-eyed brunette who clearly has a score to settle, not only with her defective vehicle, but with anyone who tries to get too close. The thing is, something about her makes Lawson want to get as close as he can possibly get.
Can Lawson help Stella to fix her broken heart, and discover herself again?


Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: August 2015.
 There's something thrilling and yet comfortable about picking up one of KM Golland's books, it's like opening Christmas presents in your favourite pj's...weird analogy right? It probably sounds silly, but for me diving into the worlds Golland creates is like coming home and yet at the same time exciting, and full of possibility. From the blurb I had a inkling Discovering Stella was going to be a darker story, and it was to an extent, but it still had Golland's trademark wit and sexiness...and boy was this sexy...Lawson is definitely a perfect combination of rugged man and sweet heartthrob, he's rocking the dirty talking alpha thing and yet there's an innate goodness to him, one that wants to breakdown Stella's walls, one that wants to help her heal from whatever she is hiding, one that wants to be the kind of man she deserves.
Stella is hiding something, something lodged so deeply inside her, something that has eaten away at who she was leaving only a shell, she's running from a past that still haunts her looking for a fresh start, driving across the state to visit her long lost step brother, Stella thinks she may have found somewhere that she can forget her past, somewhere she can't be confronted with what haunts her, until Lawson challenges her in ways she never imagined she would be again, their connection is tangible, Golland effortlessly draws you into their world, daring you not to love them, not to fight for them, there's a rawness, an intensity that seeps through the pages and right into your soul, one that begs you to see past Stella's freak outs and stoic personality and Lawson's bravado and sexual innuendo.
There's a simple beauty to this small town where Stella starts to live again and Lawson finds himself opening up to the possibility of a future, there's a fragile strength to Stella that is both endearing and awe inspiring, behind the hurt and the pain is a woman who's survived on her own, and found a way to keep breathing, keep moving through the days, she's not truly living but that's what drew me in, what held me captive, while Lawson is definitely a worthy book boyfriend, Stella was undoubtedly the hero of this story for me, she was breathtaking in her journey from darkness to light, and I revelled in her moments of clarity, her moments of forgiveness, I was captivated by every glance, every secret smile, every nuanced second left me smiling and wanting more.


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“I'm an author. I am married. I am a mother of two adorable little people. I'm a bookworm, craftworm, movieworm, and sportsworm. I'm also a self-confessed shop-aholic, tea-aholic, car-aholic, and choc-aholic.” Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, K.M. Golland studied law and worked as a conveyancer before putting her career on hold to raise her children. She then traded her legal work for her love of writing and found her dream career.