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Truth or Beard (The Winston Brothers #2) by Penny Reid - ARC Review


Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: July 2015.

There's a level of certainty that comes with diving into one of Penny Reid's books, her characters are always slightly quirky, a little different from what you would expect, these characters never fail to draw me in, I want to know every nuance, every little part of them that makes them who they are, Truth or Beard was certainly no different from that, Jessica James was instantly likeable, in her sexy Gandalf outfit I knew that she was easily going to join the quirky and sassy heroines that I've come to admire from Reid's works. Jessica was strong and feisty but when face to face with her childhood...and her adolescence...ok well really her lifetime crush Beau Winston she becomes a tongue tired bumbling idiot, unfortunately it's not the same case around his twin brother Duane, her arch nemesis, years spent trying to annoy the other and pulling pranks has left her with a scowl on her face whenever he's around.

When a case of mistaken identity takes place, Jessica starts to see Duane in a whole new light, is he really the Bain of her existence or could there be something there lurking behind snarky comments and efforts to outdo each other over the years?

Duane Winston was every bit alpha male, yet despite his gruff outward appearance there was a depth to him we don't often see in contemporary romance, so often we get given a two dimensional sexy as sin, womaniser alpha male, one who screws everything with a heartbeat and spends the first half of the story fighting women off with a stick, Duane definitely has the sexy side down pat, he's self sufficient and independent, he's close to his brothers, he's well known in his local community but he doesn't offer flowery platitudes for no reason, he has a sense of purpose when he speaks, and from the first moment we get to hear the story from his point of view, it was breathtaking, and funny and serious and this perfect blend of the warring sides of his personality, Duane knows exactly what he wants, what he's always wanted, he's sure of the way he wants his future to play out right down to his red headed kids, Jessica James is everything he's ever wanted and for the first time in his life he might actually have a shot with her.

I truly enjoyed so much of Truth or Beard, it was funny and yet poignant at times, with such a depth to these characters that could of seemed bland, Duane's brothers make me want more from this series, Jessica's friend Claire left me intrigued hoping there's more for her, for those who have read Reid's Knitting in the City series this will feel like a natural progression, but for those new to this author, Truth or Beard is a great place to start without feeling like you've missed to much backstory. I adore every word Reid writes, there's a sharpness to her story's, a depth to her characters, an intellect to her word's, Truth or Beard is definitely not a story I will soon forget.


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Penny Reid is a part time author of romantic fiction. When she's not immersed in writing she works full time in the biotech industry as a researcher.


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