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39 & Holding by M.R. Joseph - Blog Tour & Review


My name is Greer Walker. Mom of two. Friend. Daughter. Dance instructor. And, let’s not forget—a woman scorned.

 For the fourteen years were were married and the twenty years we were together, I devoted my life to my husband. What did I get in return? Heart break, crows feet, stretch marks, and a slew of insecurities.

 You see, the douchebag dumped me for a twenty-five year-old, real-life Barbie Doll with a large repertoire of medical enhancements. He crushed my heart. His affair destroyed me. The signs were there-I just chose not to see them.

 Finally with my eyes wide open, I vowed to never go through that kind of heartache again. I didn't need someone to make me feel special or beautiful, or sexually charged. Hell, I can take care of that part on my own if you know what I mean. It was twenty years since I last dated-and I was okay with never doing it again.

 But…There’s always a but.

 The day Nick Costa walked into my life—or rather drove right into it—he made me feel all sorts of things that this woman right here had no business feeling. Lot's of feelings. He made me ask myself questions.

 Could I allow someone into my life again? Could I risk being hurt? Could Nick deal with all the insecurities the fallout of my marriage produced?

 I am thirty-nine! Can I start all over again? Can I let go of the past in order to have a chance at a future with this man?

 You might want to stick around to discover the answers.

 For now, I'll be 39 & holding.

Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: December 2014

Most stories end with the happily ever after, but what happens when you thought you already had yours, life is perfect, you've done the big white dress, the white picket fence, had kids, settled down into a life of happy normalcy, and everything is coasting along...until it isn't. Maybe the life you had wasn't so perfect after all.
For Greer Walker, her world collapsed when she discovered her husband Ryan's infidelity. There was no denial, no grovelling, no remorse, it was just over, packing up and leaving his family for his new younger lady. Hindsight is 20/20 though, as Greer deals with the emotional wreckage of her marriage she is forced to see her seemingly perfect world in a whole new light.
For me reading 39 & Holding brought to the surface so many fears and doubts, I have always believed the opposite of love was hate, but wading through the collapse of Greer's marriage with her, I realised something so incredibly enlightening, the opposite of love is indifference, because at least hate comes from a passionate place, but indifference with its shroud of nothingness is so much worse. While Ryan had always been a "good husband", a loving father, somewhere along the lines Ryan stopped seeing Greer as his lover, and Greer stopped feeling desired and wanted.
Enter Nick Costa, young and sexy doctor, after a chance meeting, sparks fly and Greer finds herself attracted to someone other than her ex husband for the first time in years, testing the dating waters M.R. Joseph takes us the reader on journey of self discovery, facing ones fears, and finding love and joy in yourself as an individual, as a woman, instead of just as a wife and mother.
Nick Costa is quite the hero in this story, his ability to support and nurture Greer, to show her desire and lust in ways that have become foreign to her, his innate ability to show Greer how beautiful, talented and special she is, only adds to his charm. When so many books focus on the alpha male and the timid shy naïve heroine, 39 & Holding dares to focus on a successful, smart, mother of two nearing her forties and a young focused professional doctor who's looking to settle down instead of bed hopping.
Heartbreakingly beautiful and so incredibly poignant at times, 39 & Holding had me laughing one moment and crying the next, what I adored so much about M.R. Joseph's latest book is how deeply I understood Greer and her self doubts, her fears and in turn her journey, my reaction was a visceral one, Joseph's words had me looking more deeply at my own marriage, focusing time back into it, reminding me that we are more than just husbands and wives, or mothers and fathers.
39 & Holding started out as a funny, light, sexy read and it turned into something so much more.


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