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Finding Bliss (Bliss #4) - BJ Harvey - ARC Review

Released: 16th June 2015. 


The End of an Era

They call me the walking dildo.

Gratifying? Yes.

Something my mother would be proud of? Hell no!

Watching my best friend and my old friend-with-benefits blissfully walk down the aisle has just reiterated the fact that I’m thirty and perpetually single.

I thought I’d found the woman I wanted to spend my life with, you have to open your eyes to realize that it’s never gonna happen.

Funny how meeting the right person can finally make you see sense.

My name is Noah Taylor: kickass trauma surgeon, closet idealist, wishful thinker, and all round cocky asshole, and this is the year my life will change for the better.

*Disclaimer: This book features hot sex, filthy language, misuse of on-call rooms and the overdue redemption of the fake orgasm*


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Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: June 2015.
I'm not going to lie, I have a soft spot for Dr Noah, sexy as sin, funny as hell, with a reputation that precedes him, he's the kind of man you want to do dirty things to and take home to meet your mother. Always a joker, but with a heart of gold, Noah is the man whose story I have been waiting for. As much as his casual relationship with Mac worked back in the days, Noah no longer wants casual or one night, he wants to settle down, he wants commitment and everything that goes along with it, no more games, just honesty. He had thought he found that with Nikki, someone worth slowing down with, and regardless of how much everyone warned him of Nikki's intentions it wasn't until Noah realised that he would never be enough for her that he can open his eyes to the possibility of someone else, someone who makes him want forever someone who knocks him on is arse, who isn't willing to fall at his feet, or his HUGE...personality.

For the purposes of this review I'm going to refer to this mystery woman as MW, she's smart and sassy, brash and straight forward, she's confident and not afraid to call Noah on his shit, but like most of us MW is hiding a past that she just wants to forget, she's strong and yet has this vulnerable side that makes it so easy to connect with her, to root for her.

Finding Bliss has the perfect balance of heat, heart and humour that I've come to expect from BJ Harvey, the connection between these two is palpable, their chemistry raw, in between giggling my arse off and swooning like a goon, I was fanning my face, and begging the husband to come from work... With each new book I pick up by Harvey, I declare it as my new favourite, there's been some truly beautiful moments throughout the bliss series, but in finding bliss, there's this soul deep connection that you can't help ignore, it's like these two recognise something in each other almost immediately and you're drawn to their story as much as they are drawn to each other.

Reconnecting with the rest of the bliss gang just made this fun filled romp in Noah's world that much more enjoyable, there's this dynamic between the males and females that engages you instantly, one where you almost expect awkwardness, which never eventuates. There's so much fun and frivolity here, that the depth of feeling Harvey creates can at times catch you off guard, captivating your senses, and leaving you engrossed in Noah and his MW as they navigate something that means more to both of them than any past relationship either has experienced.

Harvey never fails to leaves me laughing myself silly, fanning my face, swooning at her hero's and crushing on her sassy leading ladies, there was so much in Finding Bliss that I adored, so much that left me feeling light, with a smile on my face that my only sour note here was that it truly is the end of an era, and I'm not ready to say goodbye to the Bliss gang.

About BJ Harvey:

BJ Harvey is the International Bestselling Author of the Bliss Series. She writes contemporary romance, romantic comedy, and romantic suspense.

An avid music fan, you will always find her with headphones on while writing, and the speakers blaring the rest of the time. She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful girls, and when she’s not writing – she’s reading.

BJ resides with her family in what she considers the best country in the world—New Zealand.

She describes her writing as a little swoon, a lot of heat, a bit of drama and a whole lot of love.





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  1. This sounds fantastic! This is not a book that I would have picked up on my own, so thank you for your review.