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Parker (Dick Dynasty #2) by David Michael - Review


My name is Parker Hale and I single handedly brought down a Dynasty.

For me, life has been a study in bad decisions and worse results.

My party boy days landed me with one foot in the grave, but Rebecca Sloan pulled me back from that ledge.

She’s here for me when I need her most and all I do is disappoint.

I’m scared to lose what we have.

I need to fix this mess before it’s too late.

There are fates worse than death.

I’m gonna prove it.

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Kristine's Review:
Reviewed: April 2016.

I'm not going to lie I was expecting something pretty dark here, in the first book in the series Porter, we meet Parker, one of three brothers, not forgetting Preston, who are the air apparent to the well known Hale Porn Dynasty, their father was a star, but after many coke addled years of numerous affairs (yes even in adult firm a sense of monogamy outside of work hours is possible)  it seemed that Senior Hale wasn't quite the type of man his sons looked up to and admired. The three brothers have taken to their chosen careers with great aplomb, Porter only recently making the transition to mainstream, happily settled with girlfriend Holly, Preston is still in fine form continuing his career, and Parker seemed like he was on the road to fighting his drug addiction getting clean and straightening himself out.

Parker begins with one hell of a backslide, overdosing and landing back in hospital and rehab, he's finally ready to take the steps to move forward with his life, to address his issues once and for all.
Holly's best friend Rebecca has seen the ugly side of addiction, she has no urge to be around someone who can't help themselves, she feisty and determined and refuses to be pushed around, but despite her initial aggression towards Parker, almost immediately she see's something more in him, something bigger than just being the stuff up son, or the addict, or the screw up, in those moments there's a connection she feels, a pull they each recognise, one that says they both have a past, one that says they both hope for a happy future.
"None of my walls were high enough or thick enough to protect me from that blow."

While I expected something intrinsically dark, what I found was a story that skirted sensitive topics without plunging the reader into something utterly heavy, the author isn't afraid to address issues that are confronting for most but does so in a way that made Parker an ultimately uplifting tale,  Parker's ability to recognise the sins of his past, and the steps he would need to take in order to move forward in a way that would both act as salve to repair the strained relationships he had with his family, while focusing on getting stronger himself, and becoming the kind of man that was worthy of capturing Rebecca's love made him a captivating lead, Rebecca with her determined strength, her temerity, her tenacity, her sass and bravado, but mostly her heart made her a heroine that was impossible not to like. I thoroughly enjoyed the second instalment in the series and can't wait for Preston's chance to tell his story.

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About David Michael:

David Michael, author of The United Series, is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, a hater of snow, a lover of Star Trek and has an addiction to coffee that is excessive even for an author.

He lives in Salt Lake City where he is currently majoring in Psychology, working a "big boy" job, and writing full time. He shares a living space with his best friend, idolizes his mother, and has a strange knack for making friends with people on the other side of the planet instead of his own back yard.

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