Thursday, 3 September 2015

How My Heart Breaks (Try Again #3) by Stephanie Smith


Is love really enough to put the past where it belongs?

Lana Washington chooses to hide. She hides from life. Hides from her abusive ex-husband. From the fact that everyone she loves eventually she loses, but when Lana’s house catches fire she is forced out of the predictable comfort her life has become.

Jake Weston had led a simple life, ever since he was called home from war for a family emergency four years ago, leaving only him and Hallie. Then one phone call throws his neatly-pieced world upside down.

Jake wasn’t supposed to be there. This wasn’t his problem. But as soon as those piercing green eyes focused in on him, he knew he was done for.

Can Jake hold onto his secret, all the while still holding onto Lana?

Will Lana be able to let go of the past and the hurt that binds her to her lonely existence?

Or will one small white lie ruin it all?

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Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: August 2015.

This is my third novel by Stephanie Smith, where the previous books have focused on some really tough topics How My Heart Breaks is a step away from that, it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows but it is a much lighter read. Lana Washington is Tate’s sister who we met in Whatever You Do, she’s had one hell of a past, after losing her parents and suffering through an abusive marriage at the hands of her ex husband, she’s finally ready to live her life, things seem to be going well, until a house fire leaves her passed out cold on the ground in her front yard. When Jake Weston stumbles on her, effectively rescuing her, there’s a connection she can’t fight, and instant attraction she’s never felt before, Lana is trying her best to live a safe but predictable life and Jake turns it upside down.

Lana isn’t the only one who’s had a rough past, Jake Weston served his country with the Army, but was called home four years ago after the death of his wife, now a widow and full time carer for his young daughter Hallie, life is okay, he has a great family, a daughter he is devoted to, and a job he loves, his life is controlled, ordered… until he stumbles upon Lana passed out in her yard after a house fire. Jake isn’t supposed to be focused in anything other than Hallie and work, but one look  at Lana and he’s smitten, fighting an attraction he’s never felt so strong before, but he’s hiding a secret that threatens to tear their new found bond apart, and he’s only just gotten Lana to let him in.

How My Heart Breaks is a sweet and sexy  story about letting people in, facing your fears and moving on from your past, there’s enough angst here to keep the drama lovers amongst us happy, without feeling like you’re riding roller coaster, where the previous books in the series have really tugged at the heart strings and caused anguished tears, Lana and Jake’s story is for the most part, a happy, fun, sweet and sexy tale that leaves you smiling long after turning the last page.  Lana had a quiet strength that was endearing, her natural ease with children and her ability to easily interact with the previous couples in the series made for some hilarious moments, while Jake was all alpha male he had a sweetness, a softness to him that shone though, making him not only incredibly sexy but the kind of man, it’s easy to fall in love with, he didn’t need to be a arrogant jerk or flash the tough side, he’s been hurt in the past and has seen the world from all sides, his maturity only made him even more attractive.

If you’re looking for a fun afternoon read, with the perfect balance of heat, humour and heart How My Heart Breaks is definitely one for you, it was the perfect reminder that sometimes I just want something real, something that I can laugh and love with, something that leaves me smiling when I remember it fondly.


About Stephanie Smith:

Stephanie is a Happily Ever After addict.
Loving mushy romance, books, movies and music since she was young, and constantly daydreaming up stories and plots, Stephanie decided to put them on paper.
Living in South Australia with her own alpha male and two princesses she spends her days reading, writing and playing with the girls out on their property.
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