Thursday, 29 October 2015

Baking & Babies (Chocoholics #3) by Tara Sivec


"I’m pregnant."

Molly Gilmore had a good life before she uttered those two stupid words. While preparing to graduate from culinary school and building up the courage to make a move on her hot, sugar-cookie-smelling pastry instructor Marco, she can't wait to finally have the GREAT life she’s always dreamed about, instead of just the good one she’s been living.

Always known as the quiet ninja, she fully intends to stay hidden in the shadows with her nut-job family, so they have no chance to embarrass her around the man she's crushed on for two years. Unfortunately, her family has other plans. When they yank her straight out of her comfort zone, she finds herself starring in the craziest train wreck she's ever witnessed.

Molly ultimately gets a more exciting life that doesn't revolve around school, but she's pretty sure the man of her dreams won't be sticking around long after her family gets ahold of him. There aren't too many guys who can handle smelling like pee, having the whole world know how he masturbates, and being forced to eat an entire bag of dicks.

Join the Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics gang for one final story about love, baked goods, making poor life choices, and remembering how important family is—even if they drive you insane.

Mostly because it's illegal to kill them.
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Reviewed: October 2015.
I need to take a trip down memory lane for a moment here, so bare with me, a few years ago I stumbled across a relatively new indie author on the scene, her name was Tara Sivec, she had one book released titled Seduction & Snacks, it was touted as being hilarious, and so incredibly different from other books available when the world seemed enamoured with kinky millionaires and rockstars and sporting heros, here was a book about a young woman who got knocked up in college after having a drunken one night stand and losing her virginity, Claire's voice was everything other reader's were saying, funny, irreverent, snarky, but outside of the outlandish humour, this book was seriously sexy and sweet, I was hooked instantly, I still remember my first time reading it, lying in bed, my kindle app on my phone set to night to dim, and shaking uncontrollably with laughter, stifling my giggles and loud guffaws with my pillow, praying I wouldn't wake up my husband....I didn't succeed, several times over the two or so hours my eyes were glued to my phone, my husband rolled over to bestow upon me his usual "are you kidding me, go to sleep face" I couldn't though, because Carter and Claire, Jim and Liz, Drew and Jenny, George and Gavin...even twatface Tasha had me in hysterics, as soon as I finished I messaged friends and demanded they read this book.
Moving forward several books, two series, and a whole lot of laughs I dove into Baking & Babies, this was a bitter sweet moment, because I've grown up to an extent with Sivec's stories, my reading tastes have changed, evolved, but one fact has remained the same when I'm asked which book do I read when I want to laugh, Seduction & Snacks is always my answer. When I need a break from emotionally draining stories, Tara Sivec is my go to, when my soul is weary and I just need to escape she is the first author on my list.
Baking & Babies gives us #Ninja extraordinaire Molly's story, always the quiet stealthy one, Molly, has always felt like the odd one out in her family, sure she shares a love of sweet treats with her Aunt Claire, but the only thing that she has ever felt passionate about is baking, and now that she's on the verge of using that to propel her forward in life, things become complicated. Between finally having the man she's lusted after Marco seeing her for the first time, and her fake baby on the way, the reader can rest assured they are in for one hell of a ride.
There's never a moment in a Sivec book where you think "wow she took that too far", everything about the Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics series is in your face funny, and yet somehow equally heart warming, there are moments that truly stole my breath, that made my heart squeeze, that despite that insanity of these crazy families, made me sit a little straighter and breathe in her words. The moments between Liz and Claire, when you see the unbreakable bond these two women share, one that's deeper than spouses, deeper than vulgar tirades and name calling, one that's deeper than the dreaded C word....Cancer people... Cancer....although the other C word is in there too. This bond is what left me smiling long after I turned the last page, this is what keeps me coming back to these two series time after time, this is what makes my heart smile.

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