Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Art of Stealing Kisses (Love & Art #2) by Stella London

A priceless painting. A devastatingly handsome new boss.
A mystery I can’t resist.

Ever since billionaire art collector Charles St Clair crashed into my life, my whole world’s turned upside down. Now I’m trading my old waitress uniform for designer gowns, and bad blind dates for steamy hookups with the most eligible bachelor in town. But a string of daring art heists is turning heads - and all the clues point to St Clair.

Who is the man behind the myth? And what secrets is he hiding behind that million-dollar smile?
All I know is, I’m going to enjoy unwrapping the truth.

Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: October 2015.

When The Art of Stealing Hearts leaves off Grace is left with her every dream in her grasp, a career she has longed for, a sexy man offering her the world, her life is set to change and it's almost impossible for her not to be swept up in the dream life that is becoming her reality, she may know Charles in the biblical sense but he's still very much an enigma, she knows so little about him, and as a result she's almost going into their new working relationship blind.

There's a sense of intrigue and suspense here, London traces the fine line through wistful new love and lust and suspense and action, Grace is swept up in the romance of everything surrounding her, new job, money in the bank, respect at work, and a man hell bent on showing her a kind of life she's only every dreamt of, but Charles might not be the man she thought he was, and she's wading through the waters trying to figure out if he's what Agent Lennox suggests or the man she's desperate to believe he is.

I enjoyed the second instalment in this series, and I'm eager to see where London takes me next, but I felt a sense of disconnect at times, the first 40% I struggled to truly connect the Grace the way I did in The Art of Stealing Hearts, once Lennon reappeared I felt that tension, that desperation to uncover the truth, to uncover the whole story, I'm hoping the third instalment will grab me from the very first page, and from where The Art of Stealing Kisses I'm assuming it will, this series is fun and sexy and has a youthful, almost wistful vibe at times, I'm excited to see where Charles and Grace go next.



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