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A Perfect Love (Perfect #2) Becca Lee - ARC Review & Blog Tour


“When the odds are stacked against you, you don’t run and hide. You step up and give life the middle finger.”

Jo is confident her life is about to spiral out of control and change irrevocably. What she doesn’t expect is just how far her world will tilt. Floundering and confused, she discovers life and love aren't always knee-deep in hearts and flowers. Sometimes life’s middle finger is pointed firmly in the air.

Liam never expected perfect, but from the moment he said, "I do," he knew he had it. What he doesn’t expect is life throwing crapballs the size of Ayers Rock at him! Sometimes life’s aim is a little too accurate.

When Mother Nature steps in and throws their world into disarray, Liam and Jo need to decide just how far they’re willing to go to find their perfect love



Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: April 2015.
I was expecting a light, fluffy, funny story about Liam and Jo in A Perfect Love by Becca Lee, I'm not entirely sure why, the blurb hints towards something a little darker, a story that has depth, but I still went in expecting Jo and Liam to have a light hearted, romantic romp of a love story, one that would have me simultaneously fanning my face and giggling into my hand. A Perfect Love is so much more than that, Jo is the kind of strong heroine I crave, smart, feisty, she's lived through hell and has come out on the other side, she's found a way to move forward with her life, without letting her past dictate her future, and Liam is the kind of hero that you can't help cheering for, he's lived a tortured past but instead of crumbling he's steadfast in his devotion to his partner, he's strong and focused and is ready to take on the world in order to protect those around him.

Liam and Jo are newly married, and settling into a life of wedded bliss, when they find out Jo is expecting their first child they should be enjoying one of the happiest moments of their lives, and for a short while they are, until someone one from their past reappears and sends them both into a tailspin, their happy moment shattered, they are left with two choices, to fall apart or to stand together.

I was immediately drawn into this story, Lee's narrative gripping me from the first page, Jo and Liam captured my attention, and didn't let go, I felt their fear, their pain, their heartache, their joy and their happiness, I immediately wanted to know more about these two, about their beginning, about their lives together, I wanted to know all their secrets, their past because I truly believed in their future. Lee's writing style is effortlessly simple, making it's easy to lose yourself in her words, and in the story as it comes to life, jumping off the pages, and crawling it's way into your heart. I'm excited for what comes next, I am eagerly awaiting news on Mase, on his life and his future. I adored that we got a glimpse into Ella and Preston's lives after the tragic accident they endured. And more than anything, I'm excited to see what Becca Lee does next.

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