Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Oceans Apart (Ocean Dreams #1) by Emma Fitzgerald - Review


Nobody ever cares for second place.

Talented public relations associate, Annie Scott, knows second place well. She has never been anyone’s priority and is sick of wallowing in self pity, sick of being an option. In a snap decision, she flees her hometown of Nashville for the unknown shores of Sydney, Australia. There she can be whoever she wants to be. Perhaps, the enforced solitude will give her back her identity and kickstart a new path in life.

Professional surfer, Cam Hart, is home on leave from the Pro Tour, and in desperate need of some rest, relaxation and maybe, a little female company. All extremely achievable at his home in Bronte, Sydney. There will be women willing and waiting for him, of that he has no doubt. He’s never been a relationship kind of guy, and after his embarrassing defeat for the recent World Title, the idea of losing himself in between the sheets for some no-strings fun, definitely has appeal.

Fate throws Cam and Annie in each other’s path. Their attraction to each other is immediate. Cam believes he has found the perfect girl to distract him for a few weeks, while Annie is ready to throw caution to the wind and dive into a holiday romance. The two drifting souls soon realise that their chemistry and passion is more than they bargained for.

Cam has never wanted to entrust his heart to anyone again. But, with Annie, he sees that he may indeed want a future, a change from his impulsive and wild ways. Could Cam actually be capable of such change? Should Annie consider Cam to be more than a summer fling, or will she be bound by her insecurities and not believe him worth the risk? Will she return to her hometown, the same as she left it: alone.

Kristine's Review:
Reviewed: October 2014.

When Emma Fitzgerald asked me to beta read her debut novel I was excited, being an Aussie girl I'm always excited to read a story set in my own country, what I wasn't prepared for was how swept away I would be by the world Emma had created. Annie Scott has been mistreated by everyone close to her, the people who should have loved her unconditionally have never particularly cared where she was or what she did, as long as she stayed in the background and didn't steal the spotlight for her sister. Cam Hart, professional surfer, returns to Sydney licking his wounds after being defeated in the recent World Title.

Annie is ready to lose herself to a fun and frivolous holiday on the other side of the world to her home in Nashville, and Cam is ready for some rest & relaxation on his home turf, these two couldn't lead more different lives, but their connection is tangible, mutual attraction and the need to get to know each other may just lead them on the greatest journey possible.

Annie is instantly likable, broken and beaten down but never out for count, she is resilient with a silent strength, friendly and easy going, she is the type of girl you could see yourself calling a friend. Cam is pure smooth, sexy Aussie surfer boy, his success never going to his head, down to earth and relatable, he is the quintessential Australian man, self depreciating and always ready to have a laugh.

What I adored was Emma writes characters that make you fall in love with them, her characters aren't perfect, they are flawed and real, they have pasts that have shaped the people they have become, both are hiding from past hurts that have left deep scars and it's heart warming to see these characters come into their own, find belief in themselves and conquer the self doubt, and darkness that had at times over shadowed their lives like a cloud.

With angst, warmth, depth and spice Emma Fitzgerald has clearly shown she is an author to watch, with a knack for humour and keeping the reader guessing, I'm looking forward to seeing what she does next.
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About Emma Fitzgerald:

Emma Fitzgerald is a lover of words.

The way they are weaved and worked to make people and places come alive and how they can draw the reader into worlds their imagination had never even dreamed of.

Emma has loved reading and writing since the day her life was first touched with the gift of a 100 year old copy of 'Emma' by Jane Austen. She soon discovered that the written word could transport her, not only across the world, but across time.

Emma loves a 'Happily Ever After' and has found her own HEA with her amazing husband. They and their three children live in Southern Australia.


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