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Always In (Sandy Cove #2) by M.R. Joseph - Review


My name is Raphael Cruz. I was once a man made up of only flesh and bone. Never feeling, just existing. I indulged in the pleasures that others gave to me, and those I gave to them. That's all it was—pleasure. Physical pleasure. No emotions, no attachments. I didn't need all those feelings, didn't want them. There was no longing for love, no longing to let anyone in. Until I found her. And I gave in.

Harlow Hannum showed me what love was all about. I savored it and held it close, not even knowing I really wanted it in my life. She made me feel loved. She made me accept love. She taught me how to love in return. My heart was open to it all. My heart was hers. It belonged to her. But, she never knew. And then lies, deceit and betrayal forced me to lose the one thing that made me more than a man who just existed.

I should have told her I loved her when I had the chance. I should have told her I gave in to all the powers that love possesses.

Will I ever have the chance to tell her? Will my past mistakes never give me that chance?

I need her to know.

I want her to know...

I'm in...


Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: July 2014.

Always In is the sequel to Giving In by M.R. Joseph, if you haven't read Giving In yet, stop reading now and go 1click that first.
Always In picks up not long after Giving In left off, Harlow was involved in a boating accident and has been in a coma. Cruz has sat by her side, never leaving her, desperately waiting for her to wake up so that he can tell her what he should of said so long ago, that he loves her, he's in love with her and she's it for him. Harlow's meddling, class obsessed grandmother forced them apart and Cruz realised too late what a mistake he made pushing her away.

Cruz remembers everything, their summer spent together, them learning each other, finding a love so strong within each other and he's ready to do anything to be the man she deserves but when Harlow wakes up she can only remember Cruz as the man she had a one night stand with, not as the man who was the love of her life. When you can't go back and the past everyone else remembers seems more like a figment of someone's over active imagination - the only choice you have is to start fresh and try and figure out who you are. Including the possibility of opening yourself up to new love. Enter Daniel, a new teacher at Harlow's school and young widower with a small child.

Always In is heartbreaking, Cruz is desperately trying to get Harlow to remember their relationship, but can he be the only one fighting to not only regain their past but a chance at a future.

For me the hero of Giving In was Harlow, with her strength and tenacity to keep getting back up everytime the world knocked her down, but in Always In I was mesmerised by Cruz, his anguish was never far from the surface, his heartbreak palpable but how do you move on with your life when the person who owns your heart and soul has no idea who you were to them, if there's a chance they might remember you have to keep trying.

When I didn't know how Joseph could top Giving In, Always In held me captive, and stole my breath, it broke my heart and healed it, it gave me hope. Congratulations M.R. Joseph on keeping me up all night reading, savouring these characters, loving them like they are part of my family.

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