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Drawn Redemption (Drawn #2) by Lilliana Anderson - Review


Choose your hero wisely.

Have you ever wanted the power to decide who the heroine of a story will ultimately end up with?

Now is your chance with Drawn 2 where you have a choice of TWO sequels in which the characters follow TWO different paths to lead them to your chosen 'happily ever after'. This is not two stories told from different points of view. This is not an alternate ending - it's an entirely separate path that readers who choose to read both sequels will appreciate the 'sliding door' moments that set our characters off in a different direction.

Different choices. Different fates.

You hold the power You get to choose - Damien... or Aaron.

In Drawn, we met Etta and watched as her obsessive relationship with Damien sent both of them into world of darkness and self-destruction. We also met Aaron, the constant in Etta's life - the man who was willing to do anything it took to keep her safe.

Two Men. One woman. A decision that will change everything...

That decision is yours...

Three years have passed since Damien lost Etta. His obsessive and irrational behaviour drove her away and destroyed his life.

For three years he has languished in prison. Every day he had but one thought - Etta. She is the holder of his soul and he can't see a life without her in it.

When he is finally released and tracks her down, he is faced with something he didn't expect. His daughter, and Aaron.

Damien needs to redeem himself in the eyes of the woman he loves. He needs to prove to her that he is the kind of man she can build a life with - even if that means telling her all of his secrets and possibly ruining everything for good.

In Drawn - Redemption, we follow Etta, Damien and Aaron. They will walk the path you set them on when you make the choice to support DAMIEN. To support Aaron, you will need to read Drawn - Obsession.


Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: May 2014.

Where do I even start with DRAWN REDEMPTION by Lilliana Anderson, you see I beta read for Lilliana and despite how much I loved Drawn I was firmly team Aaron. To me he was the perfect man, he was strong and caring and loving and despite everything that Etta went through he was still there, loving her, supporting her.

I was steadfast in my love for Aaron, but Lilliana did the unthinkable in Redemption, she converted me, it's not that I don't still adore Aaron, it's just that Aaron could never compete with Etta's relationship with Damien, their attraction is too strong and their almost visceral need for one another surpasses all else.

For me, Redemption shows that despite everything that has passed before Etta & Damien need each other, they complete that puzzle that never quite fit right with anyone else. In a different place, in a different time - Aaron & Etta could of worked but in the here and now that is Drawn Redemption there would never be anyone else that could stand a chance, and in finding each other they allowed Aaron to find his happy as well.

In a lot of ways the Drawn sequels is all about second chances, it was no doubt a massive undertaking that allowed the reader for write their own HEA, and not only did Lilliana do this, she surpassed my every expectation.

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