Monday, 26 January 2015

Drawn Obsession( Drawn #2) by Lilliana Anderson - Review


Choose your hero wisely.

Have you ever wanted the power to decide who the heroine of a story will ultimately end up with?

Now is your chance with Drawn 2, where you have the choice of TWO sequels in which the characters follow TWO different paths to lead them to your chosen 'happily ever after'.

This is not two stories told from different points of view. This is not an alternate ending - it's an entirely separate path that readers who choose to read both sequels will appreciate the 'sliding door' moments that set our characters off in different directions.

Different choices. Different fates.

You hold the power You get to choose - Aaron... or Damien.

In Drawn, we met Etta and watched as her obsessive relationship with Damien sent both of them into world of darkness and self-destruction. We also met Aaron, the constant in Etta's life - the man who was willing to do anything it took to keep her safe.

Two Men. One woman. A decision that will change everything...

That decision is yours...

Three years have passed since Aaron rescued Etta from Damien. In that time, things have changed, and they have made a life together.

When Damien returns, demanding what he feels is rightfully his, Aaron will have to stand his ground or risk losing everything he holds dear.

Their love, trust and commitment will all be put to the test in this tale of fighting for those you hold dear - even if the consequences could be catastrophic.

In Drawn - Obsession, we follow Etta, Aaron and Damien. They will walk the path you set them on when you make the choice to support AARON. To support Damien, you will need to read Drawn - Redemption.



Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: May 2014.

Have you ever read a book where you love the back up guy, the best friend more than the hero? Drawn by Lilliana Anderson was that book for me. I wanted to love Damien, I really did but I was always finding myself drawn to Aaron (see what I did there!) I beta read for Lilliana and I often told her this. I got Etta's attraction to Damien sure, he's sexy and all alpha but he was just a little too domineering for me, a little too secretive and at times all kinds of crazy, so when Etta decided to run and Aaron was there to support her I was cheering because I wanted Etta to see Aaron the way I did, as someone strong, someone she could love with her whole heart.

Drawn Obsession is very much Aaron's moment to shine, he's stood back and been the caring and supportive friend, he's been there for Etta when she felt like the rest of the world had left her, he's been a father to Etta's daughter and never treated her like anything other than his own flesh and blood. When Damien resurfaces and lays claim to Etta once again - Aaron is there, ready to fight for his family.

For me though, I knew Aaron would be the hero of this story, what I wasn't prepared for was how much Etta had grown, how much she truly loved Aaron, how he was never a consolation prize in Damien's absence and even more than that, despite Damien's psychotic tendencies he did prove himself worthy of redemption... In what way you ask.... You're going to have to read Obsession to find out.

Lilliana took on this huge task with writing two sequels, she allowed he reader to literally choose their own destiny for Etta, she absolutely surpassed my expectations.




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