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Be My December by Rachel Brookes - Blog Tour & Review




I knew the exact moment I’d become a ‘yes’ girl.
December 16th, a cold winter’s night, four years ago.
The night my innocence was stolen, the night I made the mistake of saying no—a mistake I’d never make again.
The dream of a ‘happily ever after' was now a locked away myth. I promised myself that I’d never return to the place of my worst nightmare, that I’d never let anyone get close, but then again, I never thought I’d meet someone like him.
The intense, confident and beautiful Ky Crawford.

I had no plans to become someone’s Prince Charming.
I couldn’t be. I refused to be. My plan was simple—do whatever it takes to correct my biggest mistake, my one regret that now controlled my life.
I was on track. I had plans, but then everything changed when I saw her—the girl in the red jacket, the girl who I was told couldn’t say no.
The reserved yet stunning Eden Rivers.

A girl who can’t say no.
A guy who craves redemption.
A chance encounter?

It all comes down to this.
One question.
One month.

Be My December?


Kristine's Review:

Reviewed: August 2014.

I have been a fan of Rachel Brookes since I picked up Just Breathe almost a year ago, I was utterly consumed by this series and I remember thinking how she could top Breathe Again. When Rachel approached me to beta read Be My December I was thrilled because the premise of the story had me enraptured.

Be My December had me utterly spellbound from the first page, the prologue left me in tears, my heart hurt, my soul was crushed and I knew from then that Rachel was creating something special. Eden Rivers has lived through the unimaginable, she had her innocence ripped away and was left a shell of her former self, shy, reclusive, fearing so much of the outside world, this girl...this woman survived just barely, but was left forever changed, she learnt at that moment that saying no only led to pain, going forward she would become a yes girl. When Ky Crawford enters her life, he challenges her to step outside of the box, to test her self imposed limits, he fights to break down the walls she's build up around herself, one question that only she can answer; Be My December?

This story, one of heartache, suffering, pain, loss, and ultimately redemption, love and second chances effected my so deeply that weeks have past since I read the finished book and it still invades my thoughts, these characters have woven their way into my heart, have dominated my mind and I am forever changed just by reading Rachel's words.

Be My December once again proved just how talented Miss Brookes' is, creating characters rich in depth, strong, characters that are fully realised, that jump off the page, her ability to weave the back stories of not only main characters but of the supporting cast as well including Josh and Ashlyn, left me wanting, no needing more. Be My December gave me hope, that even the darkest moments, those that threaten to break your spirit, and steal your soul, can be fought, the demons that haunt your past, that dominate your dreams can be slayed, Rachel Brookes made me believe in happily ever afters.


Author Bio

Rachel Brookes lives on the east coast of Australia where beaches, kangaroos and surfers roam free. Writing angst ridden love stories with a pinch of craziness, a dash of drama, a cup of romance, a spoonful of sexiness and delicious men to season is what she loves to do. Rachel sometimes forgets to eat, sometimes forgets to sleep and sometimes can’t remember the last time she cleaned her apartment but that’s because she is in a long term relationship with her laptop. When she does step away from her laptop, she spends her time with her amazing family or attached to her kindle catching up with all of her favorite book boyfriends. Books currently available include The Breathe Series – Just Breathe, Breathless and Breathe Again. The standalone, Be My December, will be released August 2014.

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