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Crazy, Beauitful by Jessica Serra Huizenga - Review


Kinsley Moore and Lucas Graham make great friends.
They make even better friends with benefits…

Kinsley Moore doesn’t believe in love. As an independent, self-determined entrepreneur, she has
other things to worry about. Besides, she knows guys are incapable of commitment, so there’s no
use getting close.

But when she meets Lucas Graham, her new landlord’s flirty, sexy son, she’s more than up for
some casual fun.

Lucas is in no way looking for a relationship either, so when he’s offered a no-strings, strictly
friends-with-benefits hookup with a beautiful girl, the opportunity is too good to pass up. He’s
not able to give his heart away, so it’s perfect Kinsley prefers to keep emotions out of their

Except when Lucas and Kinsley start to feel something more, their complicated pasts threaten to
overshadow any chance they might have at a future together.

Can Lucas prove he’s capable of love?
Can Kinsley believe she is enough?

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Kristine's Review:
Reviewed: January 2016.

Have I mentioned before my love of the friends to lovers trope?? How about my obsession with friends with benefits?? How about romantic comedies?? I know you're all well aware of these tropes and genres being akin to my crack...Crazy, Beautiful was like hitting my trifecta and I'm not even a betting woman... The premise here is simple really, two strangers meet, witty banter ensues, cue sexy times and *BOOM* they might just have found something neither of them knew they wanted, and therein lies the beauty of this delightful debut, because while the friends with benefits plot has been done copious times before, Crazy, Beautiful, was fun, sexy and witty, with enough angst to draw you in, and keep you turning the pages, nothing about this book felt overdone, nothing felt tired, the dynamic between Kinsley and Lucas captured my attention, the chemistry between them felt real and raw, their friends hijinks kept me giggling and I. COULD. NOT. PUT. IT .DOWN!!

Kinsley has her life together, she's started her own successful business as a floral designer for weddings, christenings, funerals and such, she's just moved into a place she can call her own, life is good, sure there's no men beating down her door, but she's content focusing on her career. Lucas is focused on his career too, after starting up a capital investment firm with his best friend, time is a commodity he doesn't seem to have much of, his company is going from strength to strength, he's played the field and sowed some oats but right now staying away from the fairer sex seems to be working for him. Their chemistry is undeniable and when the opportunity to explore the budding connection between them arises, a sure fire FWB deal seems like the way to go.  As their physical relationship continues and their friendship grows stronger, soft touches, and sweet smiles come to mean more, until they can't deny that what they have is deeper than just sex.

"You're crazy"
"And you're beautiful." 
Crazy, Beautiful was the perfect balance of sexy and sweet, it was funny and light while still tugging at your heart strings, everything about this book was  enjoyable, I didn't want to put it down, and as I turned the last page, I couldn't help but hope that I hadn't heard the last of these characters, with their quirky and spirited friends. If you're looking for something light, fun and sexy, Crazy, Beautiful definitely won't steer your wrong.

About Jessica Serra Huizenga:

When she’s not making confetti as head honcho over at The Confetti Bar (,
co-dreaming with creative women through Monarch Workshop (, and
blogging about her health & wellness journey going sugar-free at Simple Unsweet
(, Jessica loves to spend her nights getting caught up in imaginary worlds.
She lives in central CT with her husband, Clifford, and the cutest cat EVER, named Curious.
She loves colorful things, making people smile, things that smell good, and is obsessed with
lemon water. And glitter. Lots of glitter.
She also loves, well…love. (She’s a sucker for a sweet story.)
You can check out what she’s up to at and on Instagram (@jshbooks)
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