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GPI's Perfect Match: Rachel Brookes - Josh & Ashlyn

Stand Alone/Series Title: Be My Temptation (The Crawford Brothers #2)
Author: Rachel Brookes

Welcome back to Glass Paper Ink’s PERFECT MATCH, we know we’re usually matching couples up here at GPI but we’ve decided to do things a little differently for Valentine’s Day, one of our lucky finalists will walk away with a grand prize of a ROMANTIC GETAWAY TO A DESTINATION OF THEIR CHOOSING TO THE VALUE OF $50,000.

Please welcome our next guests…. Josh Crawford & Ashlyn Hart

Do you believe in love at first sight? 

Josh: Honestly, I don’t. It might sound stupid but I am actually glad I didn’t fall in love with Ashlyn at first sight because I would have definitely screwed it up and lost her, and wouldn’t have a future with her. I am glad that our love developed as we got to know all the ins and outs of what makes us us. I feel like it makes our love a forever love, not just instant love.

Ashlyn: I was definitely in lust at first sight with Josh. I remember I lost my breath when I first saw him and then when we spent that first night together, I knew I’d never forget him. I agree with Josh though, I am glad we fell in love slowly because it made that moment where I thought to myself ‘holy shit, I love this man’, even more special.

How do you know that each other was "the one"?

Ashlyn: He looks at me like the world stops when we are together. To be honest, after our first night together I knew he would be in my heart forever. He rocked my world. But the moment I knew he was the one was when it became clear that he was the first person I called when I was upset or needed comforting. I knew he always made everything okay. His arms and soft words have the power to make everything okay. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Josh: Christ Ashy, get over here and kiss me.

Ashlyn: Josh, we are doing and interview, I can’t just make out with you.

Josh: Kiss me.

Ashlyn: Are you going to answer the question?

Josh: The first time I realized you were the one was when I first kissed you. Then falling asleep with you in my arms and having you wrap yourself around me confirmed it. But it was when you crawled into my bed after you got back from Australia that cemented you’d be mine forever.

Ashlyn: *looks to Kristine* Can you give us a minute? I need to kiss his face off.
Kristine: *looks around* Ummm...sure....

What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day?? Come on you can tell me... *winks* I'll keep it a secret 
Josh: Ashy, you need to leave.

Ashlyn: Ohhh are you planning a surprise?

Josh: Do I really have a choice? You know I have to compete with all those book boyfriends you have.

Ashlyn: Book Husbands babe. *Gets up and leaves the room*
Kristine: *looks behind her* Okay Mister...spill it

Josh: That woman completely owns me. (He says with a smile) So for this Valentine’s Day, I am packing Ashlyn a bag and taking her to the airport without telling her where we are going. I am taking her to Hawaii for an extended weekend. I have a bungalow booked that has a private beach, it’s going to be full of food and wine, and I am going to make her feel like the queen that she is. She is always talking about going to Hawaii, so this year she gets everything she wants.

 Kristine: *smiles* Nice work Josh, I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit swoony right now myself. *yells behind her* Ash you can come back in now *Ashlyn re-enters the room and takes a seat next to Josh* wow lady...nice work!!

What would be the ultimate Valentine’s Day present your partner could give to you?

Josh: It would involve an uninterrupted night, chocolate sauce, all access to her body, and then falling asleep with her in my arms before waking up and eating her famous Ashy Pancakes.

Ashlyn: You are really not that hard to please babe.

Josh: All I need is you.

Ashlyn: You’ve been reading the books on my kindle again, haven’t you? That was a very book husband thing to say.

Josh: What can I say? You bring out the best in me.

Ashlyn: (bursts out laughing) Oh my god, you are too much Josh Crawford.

Josh: So what’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day present I can give you Ashy?

Ashlyn: I’m pretty sure what you just suggested would be a great present for me too. But I like when you surprise me, so I wont say what I want because you also make me fall in love with whatever you give me.

What would you rather, a big flashy gift with a night out on the town or a quiet night at home with Josh?

Ashlyn: A night at home for sure. Some of my favorite moments with him are when we put on our sweats, order take out, curl up on the couch and watch a movie. I curl up on his lap and he plays with my hair, and then well things get touchy feely between us and next time I know it’s turning into a big night, if you know what I mean.

So tell me what's the most romantic thing you've ever done for Ashlyn? 

Josh: I think when I took her out for our unofficial 5th anniversary. That was when I knew I wanted her in my life as my partner not just my best friend. I wanted to show her exactly what she meant to me and where my fascination with her began, and that was at our table, with our pizza and our beer.

Ok how well do you know your partner time, GPI's Fast Five:

*Josh talking about Ashlyn*

Top or Bottom? Top
Sexiest feature on Ashlyn? Ass, closely followed by lips, closely followed by tits, closely followed by legs, and then closely followed by eyes.
Biggest turn off that Ashlyn does? Fuck, okay, um, shit. Can I pass this question? There really isn’t anything she does that turns me off.
Three words to describe Ashlyn? Stunning, funny, mine.
First thing you thought when you saw Ashlyn for the first time? Cute as fuck.

*Ashlyn talking about Josh*

Top or Bottom? Bottom
Sexiest feature on Josh? Eyes and humor.
Biggest turn off that Josh does? Um, pass. There’s nothing. I guess maybe when he leaves his coffee mug on the table beside the bed every morning. Really, its nothing drastic.
Three words to describe Josh? Sexy, hilarious and protective.
First thing you thought when you saw Josh for the first time? Dreamy.

If you were to win GPI's Perfect Match, what destination would you pick for your holiday?

Josh: Australia. We’d get to leave the shit American winter, and I’d get to see my woman in nothing but a bikini that I’d buy for her. Win win.
Ashlyn: You are such a charmer of my heart Josh Crawford.
Josh: Charming my way into your bed and pants more like it.
Ashlyn: Ladies, this is what I have to put up with.
Josh: And you love every moment of it.
Ashlyn: You got me there, babe.

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