Thursday, 4 February 2016

GPI's Perfect Match: LH Cosway - Karla & Lee

Stand Alone/Series Title: Hearts of Blue
Author: LH Cosway

Welcome back to Glass Paper Ink’s PERFECT MATCH, we know we’re usually matching couples up here at GPI but we’ve decided to do things a little differently for Valentine’s Day, one of our lucky finalists will walk away with a grand prize of a ROMANTIC GETAWAY TO A DESTINATION OF THEIR CHOOSING TO THE VALUE OF $50,000.

Please welcome our next guests…. Karla & Lee

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Karla: I’m a policewoman. I’m far too pragmatic for all that.

Lee: Don’t listen to her, she’s a big softy underneath it all.

Karla: Ha! I definitely didn’t love you the first time I met you. I may have wanted to throttle you.

Lee: There’s a fine line between love and hate, Snap. And we both know you wanted it *winks*

Karla: *sighs* Your ego knows no bounds.

Lee: And you love it.

How did you know that the other was "the one"?

Karla: I knew it when I saw his loyalty and how fierce he was in protecting his family.

Lee: I knew it because she reminded me of me, just a better version.

Tell me about your first Valentine Day together?

Lee: I took her to her favourite Italian restaurant.

Karla: *butts in disgruntledly* And he plied me with wine.

Lee: Hey, what’s wrong with getting your girlfriend good and drunk for Valentine’s day?

Karla: What’s wrong is that I asked the waiter if they served Screaming Orgasms, and when he replied that they didn’t I asked if he could give me one instead.

Lee: *chuckles loudly* I forgot about that. Good times.

What are your plans for this Valentines Day?? Come on you can tell me, I'll keep it a secret

Lee: Bottle of red. Dinner. Handcuffs. House to ourselves.

Karla: *blushes* Uh, yeah, what he said.

What would be the ultimate Valentines Day present you could give each other?

Karla: Well, I know his dream car is a Bugatti…

Lee: After she buy’s me the Bugatti I’d take her for a ride in it *smirks*. Best Valentines Day present ever.

What would you rather, a big flashy gift with a night out on the town or a quiet night at home with each other?

Lee: Can we do both?

Karla: Technically, we could go out first, then cosy up at home. The gift better be a good one though!

Lee: *grins* It will be. Let’s do both.

So tell me what's the most romantic thing you've ever done for each other?

Karla: When I was sick with a stomach bug he cleaned up my vomit…that’s pretty romantic, right?

Lee: That was nothing. How about the time I gave you several… *Karla covers Lee’s mouth with her hand*

Karla: Let’s just stick with my answer, shall we?

Ok how well do you know your partner time, GPI's Fast Five:

Top or Bottom?

Lee: Top.
Karla: Top.

*they look at each other and grin*

Sexiest feature on your partner?

Lee: Her hair.
Karla: His eyes.

Biggest turn off that your partner does?
Lee: When she tells me not to mess with her handcuffs.
Karla: *elaborates* Because they’re part of my uniform. *eyes Lee* Mine is when he meddles with things that don’t belong to him.

Three words to describe your partner?

Karla: Sexy, unpredictable, clever.
Lee: Badass, strong, beautiful.

First thing you thought when you saw each other for the first time?

Lee: I’m going to hit that.
Karla: Too cocky for his own good.

If you were to win GPI's Perfect Match, what destination would you pick for your holiday?

Lee: The Maldives.
Karla: *side-eyes Lee* Only because it means I’ll have to wear a bikini the whole time.
Lee: Sounds about right.

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